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Friday, December 10, 2010

The John Batchelor Show for December 09, 2010

The John Batchelor Show is my favorite radio show. John Batchelor does what I like to call the reverse call-in show...he calls people who are all over the world, from many walks of life, with many areas of expertise to discuss what is happening in the world today. I can't really classify the show, You just have to experience it. 

Here is the audio from last nights four hour show...

Hour One; 9pm

Hour Two; 10pm

Hour Three; 11pm

Hour Four; midnight

For more information, please check out these links:

The John Batchelor Show website
Facebook Page (for fans)
Twitter Account
WABC Podcast page


I have listened to the show since September 8, 2001, when I found the show while digging around the AM dial after work and heard these two guys (Paul Alexander and John Batchelor) discussing the bombing of the USS Cole and pointing the finger at Osama bin Laden. I was hooked, and made plans to listen the next saturday night on 770-AM WABC from my location in Terre Haute, Indiana. 

September 11th intervened. A couple of nights later, I found these same two guys on WABC (I had a habit at that time of sweeping the AM and shortwave bands late at night for interesting stuff) discussing the events of 9/11 and stopped digging around the radio bands late at night. I had found something interesting. I moved to western Virginia in the spring of 2002, and found the  WABC signal harder to receive, but managed to construct a serviceable antenna tuned to 770 kHz on the AM Band that served me well until I became dissatisfied with my work and returned to western North Carolina in the fall of 2003. Here, I could not pick up WABC so easily, and I quickly purchased an XM Satellite Radio just so that I could continue listening to the show, which, by this time, had dwindled to just one guy, John Batchelor. [Note: The show is no longer on XM Radio because ABC Radio withdrew its channel from the XM lineup and I have since cancelled my subscription to the service]

I suffered through the cancellation in September 2006 and, out of protest, did not listen to anything from WABC (save Matt Drudge...which I listened to on 1510 WLAC) for two solid years. To my great joy, John filled in a couple of times for Matt Drudge on his radio show in the summer of 2007 and then, his show returned to the air (and was livestreamed by WABC) later that year five nights a week, eventually expanding to 7 nights a week...which has continued to this day.  

I download the podcast as soon as it becomes available and listen to it, and lately, they've been real good about having it posted online within a few hours of the broadcast.

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