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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Coalition Forces Launch Odyssey Dawn Against Libya

A coalition of nations that include the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada and France has launched air and missile attacks against targets in Libya in order to assist rebel forces  that have been facing annihilation by troops loyal to Muamar Qadaffi (known on Thunder Pig as Qadaffy Duck).

A statement from the UK Prime Minister says, in part, "It is necessary because with others we should be trying to prevent him [Gaddafi] from using his military against his own people. It is legal because we have the backing of the UN Security Council and also of the Arab League and many others. And it is right because I do not believe we should stand aside while this dictator murders his own people."

A total of 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles have been launched against targets in Libya and, according to a live Pentagon press conference that has just concluded, 25 coalition ships, including 3 submarines, are taking part in the operation.

The BBC is currently webcasting live for those who have no access to a TV and Al Jazeera seems to be on top of it as well. They also have a live stream that is better than any that the American networks offer. Fox News has a live web player as well.

For those on Twitter, the main hashtag seems to be #OdysseyDawn. Here is a widget to keep up with the breaking news:

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