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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Counter Offensive Begins

Over the past few years, the Republican party has been invaded by an angry mob of populists who are not really grounded in any political philosophy that goes much beyond, "Tear it down!" or "It's Us against Them!"

These people have more in common with the mobs of Revolutionary France than they do the men who led the American Revolution. [read more about the problems Burke had with the Revolution in France]

These people have to be countered, and as many of them as possible need to be exposed to the philosophy of conservatism instead of the demagoguery they are currently hearing from speakers who (more often than not) have their own designs on using these people to gain power. It is often a fruitless endeavor to stand athwart a raging mob and yell, "Stop!" but that is what must be done if we are to prevent the effort to remake the Republican party into a mob of people mindlessly cheering whatever demagogue is saying things that are most pleasing to them at the moment. That is what the Democratic party is for.

I am going to start taking the material that I've been teaching to the members of this network in the class room to a wider audience online and beyond. My first step in that effort is the addition of a "Conservatism" tab [link to tab] to this network listing the ten principles of conservatism. If you've ever attended one of classes, you are already familiar with it.

I'll start with the first principle in this blog post:

Read the rest at Conservative Thunder

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