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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Republicans Debate in Mesa, Arizona

This is video of the Arizona Republican Presidential Debate that took place last night in Mesa, Arizona. It will be the last time the candidates go head to head before this cycle's down-sized Super Tuesday on March 6th.

In case you've missed the other debates, or wish to compare the performances of the various candidates over time, here is a list linking to where you can watch videos of the previous 19 debates in this cycle:

Jan 27

Jan 23

Jan 19

Jan. 16

Jan. 8

Jan. 7

Dec. 15

Dec. 10

Nov. 22

Nov. 12

Nov. 9

Oct. 18

Oct. 11

Sept. 22

Sept. 12

Sept. 7

Aug. 11

June 13

May 5 

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