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Monday, February 6, 2012

Nevada "Chaos Caucus" Results
Including CBS Exit Poll Data

The Nevada Caucus was held Saturday and the final vote tally has not been available until early this morning (Monday). Read the "Chaos Caucus" for a look at what went so very wrong in the Silver State this weekend. I think that as a result of the utter incompetence displayed by the Nevada GOP, they should lose their status as an early state. They should also change to a primary system and let the state handle it even if it does cost more.

Anyway, the final results are in, and Mitt Romney has won with 50.0% of the vote, followed by Newt Gingrich at 21.1% in second place and Ron Paul finished in third with 18.7% of the vote and Rick Santorum coming in last with 9.9% of the vote tally.

Next are the post-election speeches, including a bizarre rambling press conference held by Newt Gingrich instead of the normal post-election party to thank supporters for their efforts in getting out the vote for the campaign.

Post-Election Specchifying

Mitt Romney victory speech

Newt the Rambling Man, Part One

Newt the Rambling Man, Part Two

Ron Paul Post Election Speech

There were no videos uploaded to Youtube of Rick Santorum's post-Nevada speech.

Exit Polls

Here is some interesting data from exit polling by CBS News:

On most political matters, do you consider yourself:

Very liberal (2%)----
Somewhat liberal (3%)----
Moderate (13%)11%32%54%3%
Somewhat conservative (34%)19%17%57%6%
Very conservative (49%)25%14%46%15%

How do you feel about the Tea Party movement?

Support (75%)25%17%47%12%
Neutral (19%)9%23%64%4%
Oppose (5%)----

Are you:

Protestant (28%)34%15%37%13%
Catholic (21%)21%18%48%13%
Mormon (25%)2%5%88%4%
Other Christian (13%)30%23%32%15%
Jewish (2%)----
Muslim (0%)----
Other (4%)----
None (8%)16%54%24%5%

Which ONE of these issues mattered most in deciding whom to support today? (CHECK ONLY ONE)

Abortion (4%)----
Federal budget deficit (33%)21%24%44%10%
The economy (53%)19%15%58%8%
Illegal immigration (4%)----

Which ONE of these candidate qualities mattered most in deciding whom to support today? (CHECK ONLY ONE)

Can defeat Barack Obama (43%)20%5%70%4%
Is a true conservative (18%)31%39%4%26%
Has strong moral character (20%)2%33%51%15%
Has the right experience (16%)34%13%51%2%

I think these results are an interesting look into what kind of voters each candidate is attracting or repelling. Be sure to visit CBS News and look at all the data presented.

Next up in the primary schedule, we have Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri. It will be interesting to see the results in Missouri because Newt Gingrich failed to get on the ballot in that state. We will see how Rick Santorum can finish as the sole viable "Anyone But Romney" candidate. 

Personally, I think it is far too late in the election cycle to make a difference. The time yo have gone with an "Anti-Romney" candidate was after New Hampshire. That is not what happened. As long as there is more than one viable conservative candidate in the race, the conservative vote will always be split and the moderate candidate will win. Always. Until the retards in my party learn this lesson, the result will always be the same. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I think that is a fair descriptor of a good number of people who have been participating in the primary process this year...both as candidates and as voters. This goes double and triple for the idiots at Red State [1] [2], Free Republic [1] [2] (be sure to read the comments), Gateway Pundit [1] [2] [3] and many other bloggers who identify themselves as conservative.

After Iowa, only the top three (maybe four) candidates should have moved on to New Hampshire, then dropping the last finisher each state after that until we had two candidates and let them compete instead of having this circus. 

Mitt Romney will be the 2012 nominee of the Republican party. I believe that he can defeat President Obama in the general election this fall. That is, if the crybabies who lost the primary decide to not help and stay at home and sulk, they'll give us four more years of Barack Obama. 

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