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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Macon County Commissioners 02-14-2012

Update #2 (These videos are still processing at Youtube, so it may be an hour or so before they are availble for viewing).

Part One

Includes the 6pm public hearing on proposal to term limit members of the Macon County Planning Board.

Part Two

Includes the second public hearing of the meeting on a proposal to remove a reference to the 2006 slope hazard map and a public comment period that included representatives of local towing companies concerned that preferential treatment is be given to calling another towing company to tow vehicles away from accident scenes.

Part Three

This is the third (and last) part of the February 14, 2012 meeting of the Macon County Commissioners. This video covers the discussion among Commissioners on theproposed amendment that established term limits for members of the county planning board and the discussion and vote to remove the refernce to the slope hazard map from the Macon County Subdivision Ordinance, the Consent Agenda and the consideration or revising the appointment procedure to county boards. The Commissioners than went into closed session after announcing that they would have a continuation meeting on February 28, 2012 in the Commissioners Board Room to take up the rest of tonight's agenda.

I created these videos using the Youtube Video Editor from a laptop at the Macon county Library while my laptop waS in the repair shop.

Update #1
Tonight's meeting of the Macon County Commissioners lasted five hours before they went into closed session.
Over 100 people showed up at the meeting and they moved it upstairs to the 4th floor courtroom and there were still people who couldn't get in.

Something like 50 speakers addressed the County Commissioners (this is counting some who spoke in each of the two public hearings and in the public comment) until nearly ten pm.

Long story short, the Commissioners amended the subdision ordinance and placed term limits on the county planning board starting one appointment from now. I'll have more detailed notes out sometime late tomorrow.

Don't know when I'll get the video of the meeting out. My laptop is in the repairshop, so everything will be taking much longer to do.

The Macon County Commissioners will be meeting tonight at 6pm and I will be there to cover the meeting. If you have a Twitter client, you may follow along using the hashtag #MaconGov. If you are not a Twitter user, then there is a Twitter Widget at the bottom of this post that will update automatically as I tweet. I will be using my @WPIG account.

The two main attractions tonight are the tow truck operators and the public hearing on the planning board. Since my laptop is at the repair shop, I am not sure when I will be able to upload the audio or video of the meeting.

The agenda of the meeting is below:

FEBRUARY 14, 2012

1.    Call to order and welcome by Chairman Corbin

2.    Announcements

3.    Invocation

4.    Pledge of Allegiance

5.    Public Hearings
A.   6:00 p.m. – Proposed amendments to An Ordinance To Establish A Planning Board For Macon County
B.   6:30 p.m. – Proposed amendment to the Subdivision Ordinance of Macon County

6.    Public Comment Period
A.   911 Dispatch procedures for towing – Lloyd Cox with Ambassador Automotive and Walter Hunter with Franklin Body Shop

7.    Adjustments to and approval of the agenda

8.    Reports/Presentations

9.    Old Business

10.New Business
A.   Consideration of amendments to the planning board ordinance
B.   Consideration of amendment to the subdivision ordinance
C.   Lease of property on Fulton Road
D.  Consideration of Change Orders 9 and 10 on the Little Tennessee River/Cartoogechaye Creek Trunk Sewer Project
E.   Farm Land Use Program – County Manager

11.Consent Agenda – Attachment #11
All items below are considered routine and will be enacted by one motion.  No separate discussion will be held except on request of a member of the Board of Commissioners.
A.   Minutes
B.   Budget amendments
C.   Tax releases
D.  Tax refunds
E.   Approval of Health Center lab fee
F.   Amended ordinance concerning procedures for disposing of personal property

A.   Consideration of revision to appointment procedure
B.   Planning Board
C.   Economic Development Commission
D.  Library Board

13.Closed session
A.   Per G.S. 143-318.11(3), to preserve the attorney/client privilege
B.   Per G.S. 143-381.11(5), with regard to property acquisition


NOTE:  The Board will need to set a date for the joint meeting with the towns of Franklin and Highlands, perhaps for mid to late March.

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