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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twitter Journal for 04-25-2011

A daily record of my tweets and interactions on Twitter on both @ThunderPig and@WNCSCAN:

 RT @ Today in the NC General Assembly (Links to Bills & Live Audio) [4.29am]

Cullasaja 1st Responders, MaconEMS dispatched to Bluejay Dr. Report of male subject experiencing hallucinations. LEO enroute to secure scene [5.14am]


Cullasaja 1st Responders toned out 2nd time to Bluejay Dr. report of 41 y/o male w psychiatric problems. Law Enforcement enroute. [5.20am]

Remember the Kelo Decision? Here's the Awful, Ironic Post-Script [5.23am]


Macon EOC advises Cullasaja member #1606 that LEO are on scene, patient not yet secured. Stand by with Medic 12 until secure. [5.24am]


Macon EOC has advised Med12 & Cullasaja 1st Responders that the scene is secure, they may proceed into the residence on Bluejay Dr. [5.28am]


 The SPC has backed off from the Severe threat for Wed to a Moderate threat for severe weather.  [5.34am]

 WNC Scanner 

@ @ Done! [5.45am]
   in response to:  who wrote This is my daughter Please "Vote for Felicia Carter mom @ " -@

 WNC Scanner 

@ Anytime! [5.47]
   in response to:  who wrote @ Thank you TP

Death toll rises in Thai-Cambodian clashes  [5.55am]

(I'm in favor of banning UberMedia from Twitter) RT @Why Twitter Wants to Acquire TweetDeck:  [5.58am]

RT @ FBI Arrests Anti-Semitic Obama Donor Norman LeBoon for death threats against Eric Cantor & his family [6.03am]

A nap is indicated... [6.24am]

IMF bombshell: Age of America nears end (China’s economy will surpass the USA in 2016)  [10.03am]


@ I call it Economic Fascism. I called for the Impeachment of the justices who voted for it back in June 2005 [10.19am]
   in response to:  who wrote @ "Corporatist" is a term I use sparingly, but it fits the Kelo mess to a T. Big Capital captures & reframes law to suit itself.


! @ I hope that you will note that ALL the liberal justices voted to remove Kelo from her land, and in favor of Economic Fascism. [10.23am]

@ Thanks for the link! I will check it out. (I counselled him to go slow & build a devastating case BEFORE he went on the attack) [10.32am]
   in response to  who sent me a DM. (She does not follow me, so I could not send her a DM back)

@ BTW, I cannot send you DMs unless you follow me as I follow you, so I'll have to reply in the open. [10.33am]


@ LOL. Well, Fascism IS a Lefty Ideology. [10.34am]
   in response to @ who wrote: LOL. Well, Fascism IS a Lefty Ideology.


Cowee 1st responders, MaconEMS disptatched to Owl Knob Rd. CPR in progress, possible DOA. LEO enroute also. [Macon Co] [10.40am]

 Bobby Coggins 

Chicken Noodle Soup is a great palliative for the body as well as the soul. [10.45am]

RT @ How much bigger is a M8.7 EQ than a M5.8 EQ? Click on "Try It Yourself" Calculator at top of this site:  [10.47am]

@ I thought we already had this debate. Fascism is a form of Socialism. [10.47am]
   in response to:  who wrote @ A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf.


Cowee 1st Responders report they are continuing CPR despite unknown downtime, airway in place. [Owl Knob Rd in Macon Co] [10.48am]


Medic 12 has arrived at Owl Knob residence. [Macon Co] [10.50am]

@ Communists fighting Fascists is akin to Conservatives fighting Libertarians. [11.00am]
   in response to:  who wrote @ One of my favorite Leftists: 

@ Fascism is Socialism with a Capitalist veneer: [11.03am]
   in response to:  who wrote @ Fascism masquerades as socialism, more in common with Stalinism. China morphed from Stalinist to Fascist in our lifetimes.


@ Local Planning Boards have more in common w Fascism than they do w the Founding Fathers. [11.06am]

MT @ The usa-patriots Megaphone is out! ▸ via @ @@ @ @ [11.22am]

Ratcheting up response: Going for the Theraflu. [11.24am]


@ Planning Boards are in the business of regulating how people are to be allowed to use their own property. [11.28am]
   in response to:  who wrote @ Planning boards? How so?


Franklin 1st Responders, MaconEMS dispatched to Frank Cabe Rd. Lifeline activation re diabetic problem. [Macon Co] [11.29am]


 MT @ Very Active Severe Weather Week Ahead: [11.30 am]

See also  RT @ @ Very Active Severe Weather Week Ahead:  [11.32am]


@ It started as a sore throat on Saturday. Now in the general malaise, aches & pains category. Grrrrr.... [11.33am]
   in response to:  who wrote @ Theraflu? Hope you fend off the bug. Chicken soup works better than OTC meds for me.

Heading out to the bank for a bit. [11.39am]

 Bobby Coggins 

@ I've gotten into this Fascism is Socialism several times on Twitter, so I should wrangle up a definitive blog post on the matter. [11.42am]
   in response to:  who wrote @ Righties mince words over political stripe on the left, but history shows the distinction definitively.

 Bobby Coggins 

It looks like convection season is underway  [12.54pm]
It looks like convection season is underway on Twitpic

"Take Back NC" Video Message: "Voter Registration" [1.51pm]


Franklin 1st Responders, MaconEMS dispatched to Frank Cabe Rd. Lifeline activation unknown problem. [Macon Co] [1.57pm]

I've now officially liquidated the last of my cash holdings and transferred them into tangible assets to avoid further currency devaluation [2.04pm]

 WNC Scanner 

Clarks Chapel 1st Responders, MaconEMS dispatched to Guffey Rd. 62 y/o Male down, unresponsive, CPR in progress. [Macon Co] [2.05pm]


@ I already have enough to supply a moderately-sized guerrilla campaign. ʘ‿ʘ Most of it underground & packed in grease. [2.09pm]
   in response to:  who wrote @ I hope you invested in ammo and toys to use it ;-)


@ Nope. Silver suitable for barter. [2.10pm]
   in response to:  who wrote @ Does this mean you bought a bunch of canned food and ammo?


@ Pardon me, but your blog is racist  cc @ @ @ [2.12pm] 
   in response to  who wrote on Kanvaso:   No DUMMY @ @ @ @ If anyone's against you Racists its not because of Anti-Semitism its because you're shooting people in the head for supporting a Black President. You only fool yourselves. 

TKCAL 2011-04-25 10:59:56

This family has a dog and cat who rate higher than their, they eat "Organic"  [2.16pm]
This family has a dog and cat who rate higher than their kid.... on Twitpic


@ Who appointed you to be the thought police re "Vile Tweets"? @ @ @ @ [2.18pm]
   in response to:  who wrote One of the things I don't like about "Vile Tweets" @@ @ @ @...


@ Thus, my humor continues to go 'unappreciated' [2.23pm]
   in response to:  who wrote @ Never know...they may have had a dog and a cat, then adopted, then got another dog, cat and fish :)


@ I've got a Pay Pal Donate button on my blog. I usually get $300 a mo from it. @ @ @@ [2.24pm]
   in response to:  who wrote @ @ @ @@ Why is there a Paypal "donate" button on that blog?


@ The President's Poll Numbers have gone down because Socialism doesn't work. cc @ @@ [2.26pm]
   in response to: @Realbrother0003 who wrote How you gonna report that the Presidents Poll Numbers @@ @ @ @ have gone down among Racists and White Supremacists in one breath and then LIE and say its Gas Prices, Public Options and his Birth Certificate in the next? No stop insulting people by LYING about why Whites oppose a Black President.Lying on as to why Racists and Supremacists oppose the Black President is a "vile Tweet".  TKCAL 2011-04-25 11:24:15 on

Nothing says there is a Lefty onboard like these bumper stickers... [2.30pm]
Nothing says there is a Lefty onboard like these bumper stick... on Twitpic

My new cards have arrived...  [2.35pm]
My new cards have arrived...  on Twitpic


@ Acc to ur racist pov, it is impossible for Whites to dislike Obama on ideological grounds @ @@ [2.37pm]

   in response to:  who wrote That's another thing too. @ @ @@ Racists don't know the definition of the (cont) 

 Bobby Coggins 

I'll take one that can pull a trailer for my camera & computer gear. RT @ Time to get a moped. [2.48pm]
   in response to  who wrote Time to get a moped.


@ If you think the econ is improving, read this  It's gonna get bad cc @ @@ [2.53pm]
   in response to:  who wrote That's DUMB too. @ @ @@ As the economy IMPROVES as we added 4 million JOBS (cont) 


@ I posted a pic a while back of some gluten-free organic gorilla cereal, and all kinds of people went nuts. LOL [2.59pm]
   in response to:  who wrote @ :)

Hmmm... RT @ Has Quest for the Elusive 'God Particle' Succeeded?  [3.05pm]

Logging off early today to rest up for the storms tomorrow and Wednesday night. [3.13pm]


 Severe Thunderstorm Warning for NE GA and SE Macon County  [5.43pm]

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