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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Twitter Journal for 04-23-2011

A daily record of my tweets and interactions on Twitter on both @ThunderPig and @WNCSCAN:

(VIDEO) There are animals walking amongst us that look human, but are not  [4.41am]

Info on the 'person' who gleefully filmed the beating in McDonald's Those charged  [4.58am]

Oh crap. It looks like western North Carolina will be under the gun Wednesday-Thursday for a SEVERE Weather Outbreak. [5.08am]

Heads Up! It looks like we could be having a severe weather outbreak during the latter half of next week  [5.59]


@ Yes. Here is more info  [6.00am]
     in response to  who wrote  

Again? RT @: Oh crap. It looks like western North Carolina will be under the gun Wednesday-Thursday for a SEVERE Weather Outbreak.

MT @ The Cabarrus GOP Daily! ▸Stories today via @ @ @@ @ [6.01am]

 by ThunderPig

RT @: Wisconsin School Employee Makes Threatening Phone Call to Business for Selling Gas to GOPer: [no time recorded]

Possible Severe Weather Outbreak Next Week via @ |||      [6.12am]

 WNC Scanner 
@ LOL. I had a neighbor one time who had geese that loved to sit on the road when it it was warmer than anywhere else. [6.23am]
   in response to  who wrote: @ that's not the first time that's happened there!

(VIDEO) You know what they say, North Carolina: 1st in Flight, 48th in Education  [7.17am]

@ Heads up:  [7.25am]


@ Fingers crossed and noted for deployment of prayer cover. [7.29am]
    in response to  who wrote @ Will be meeting my brother in DC over May 5 weekend. Cross your fingers for good weather!

Cullasaja 1st Responders & MaconEMS dispatched to Mashburn Branch Rd. Report of unresponsive 33 y/o male. [Macon Co] [9.17am]

Look! A gnome on a pig  [12.41pm]
Look! A gnome on a pig on Twitpic

Mama-2 dispatched to motorcycle mva in great smoky mtns natl park. Coordinates n35deg 36.25 min w83deg 26.13 min w [1.15pm]

Asphalt camping  [1.21pm]
Asphalt camping on Twitpic

 WNC Scanner 
West Macon VFD & MaconEMS dispatched to Meadow Mtn Estates Rd. 80 y/o Male has fallen down an embankment. [1.53pm]

Cullasaja VFD & NC Forest Svc dispatched to report of brush fore out of control on Mountain Laurel Drive. [Macon Co] [2.35pm]

NYC Elections Board: Trump skipped 21 years of primaries  [3.31pm]

You can see why I called you over here. I’m going to need help getting the bird that laid THAT egg.  [3.57pm]

 Macon County Emergency Svcs gearing up to search for lost hiker. (No one has been dispatched yet) [4.21pm]

 All West Macon VFD members toned out to report to the station in order to prepare for a search. [Macon Co] [4.45pm]

West Macon 1st Responders & MaconEMS dispatched to West Old Murphy Rd to report of 21 y/o (8 1/2 weeks pregnant) in diabetic emergency. [4.50pm]

I miss being able to hear the NC Highway Patrol on the scanner. They've gone to the VIPER System on 800 Mhz. Signals too weak. [4.56pm]

Macon Co EOC has received a 911 hangup call from Walmart in Franklin, NC. Dispatcher reports his call to confirm ignored. Sending Police. [4.59pm]

West Macon member #1705 is requesting more members to report to station to prepare for search. [5.01pm]

West Macon VFD truck (I missed the unit #) has checked enroute to Rock Gap Shelter on Appalachian Trail to begin search for hiker. [5.04pm]

West Macon truck #1762 has cleared scene of 1st responder call. Enroute back to #1700 base. [Macon Co] [5.06pm]

Franklin PD has checked with the manager at Walmart. He was unaware of 911 hangup call or attempts to contact him. [Macon Co] [5.07pm]

 WNC Scanner 
     in response to:  who wrote @ What kind of antenna are you using?

@ If the  can put their new tower in at the Welcome Center, I will able to hear them, I think. (people are protesting) [5.25pm]

Franklin 1st Responders & MaconEMS dispatched on medical call on Prosperity Drive in Franklin, NC. [5.43pm]

 West Macon VFD (Franklin & Clarks Chapel mutual aid) dispatched to 22 Valley View Dr. Possible Structure Fire. [5.55pm]

MaconEMS dispatched to standby near possible structure fire 22 Valley View Dr. Grease Fire in kitchen. StreetView  [5.58pm]

Franklin VFD member arrived on scene of structure fire on Valley View Dr advises responding to respond routine. Not an emergency. [Macon Co] [6.02pm]

Cullasaja 1st responders & MaconEMS dispatched to report of 1 y/o having seizures on Laurel Lake Rd. [Macon Co] [6.04pm]

All response to structure fire on Valley View Dr cancelled. MaconEMS unit diverted to Laurel Lake Rd call. [6.05pm]

These calls seem to come in waves. [6.06pm]

An effort to digitize the holdings of the USGS Library are underway


Historical PDF: "The Voyager Flights to Jupiter and Saturn" [6.20pm]

 A 60,000 Year Explosion of Invention?  [6.30pm]

West Macon VFD coordinating search on 453.025. Sending a unit to Big Spring Shelter on Appalachian Trail.  [6.41pm]

Google map of the Appalachian Trail Shelters in Macon County (West Macon VFD looking for lost hiker) [6.44pm]

 West Macon VFD members have located lost hiker on the Appalachian Trail. No injuries. [Macon Co] [6.56pm]

RT @  West Macon VFD members have located lost hiker on the Appalachian Trail. No injuries. [Macon Co] [6.57pm]

Logging off for the night. [6.58pm]

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