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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Live Address by Congressman Paul Ryan at 11am
A Blueprint for American Renewal

**3.58pm** The Path to Prosperity is available. 
Go take a look and download your own copy. [link]

Congressman Paul Ryan

At 11am, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan will deliver remarks on the fiscal situation and economic challenges faced by the United States. These remarks will be followed by a question-and-answer period hosted by AEI President Arthur C. Brooks.

Here is a preview:

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan details what the choice of two futures means: a path to debt and decline versus a stronger, more prosperous path of less debt, lower taxes, and greater opportunity for generations to come.

And here is the  live video player  video of the event:

Learn about the 2013 Path to Prosperity here.

The President and his party’s leaders refuse to take action in the face of the most predictable economic crisis in our nation’s history. The President’s budget calls for more spending and more debt, while Senate Democrats – for over 1,000 days – have refused to pass a budget. This unserious approach to budgeting has serious consequences for American families, seniors, and the next generation.
House Republicans refuse to ignore our generation’s greatest domestic challenge: reforming and modernizing government to prevent an explosion of debt from crippling our nation and robbing our children of their future. We’re advancing a budget that builds upon a bipartisan consensus for principled solutions: real spending discipline and restored economic freedom; patient-centered health care reform; and pro-growth tax reform. The House Republican budget – The Path to Prosperity – offers a clear choice of two futures. We’re putting our trust in the American people to choose a brighter future for generations to come.

I will replace the player with a recorded video as soon as it becomes available.

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