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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Richard Rivette for NC Senate

A former contributor to this blog is now running for office in the 38th NC Senate District.
He is a solid conservative, and if you have the means, consider donating to his campaign effort.
~Thunder Pig
March 22, 2012


Richard Rivette for NC Senate

Resend to your patriot friends please!
I need any donations anyone can spare
since we are all down to our spare change.

My Declaration of End Dependence
Dear Friends;
Very few of you know what I am about to announce:
I am Richard Rivette and I am a candidate for the North Carolina State Senate District 38 
serving Mecklenburg County and the people of my state.

I hope to be a leading force in a state which can become a model for the nation. Other states have enacted policy reforms which have shown very positive results in taxation, regulation authority, education, transportation, energy production, job creation, crime prevention, and protection of your Constitutional rights.
The crisis of faith in our Federal government has lead me to the conclusion that only as individual states can we now succeed. We have to turn off the spigot of taxation and move forward without Federal dollars, because there simply are none. There never were. The government appropriated all our money and wasted it. This nation borrows 40% of what it is handing out in loans, grants, and stimulus payments. We cannot afford it. We are penniless. Our grandchildren are in debt several hundred thousand dollars the moment they are born.
I would like to have your support because I have a comprehensive set of proposals which I feel will help North Carolina recover from this Depression, and may encourage other states to do the same. Since the Federal government seems bent on imposing a radical socialist agenda which negates our guaranteed, God-given rights, I have decided to counter that by becoming a servant leader in my home state.
• In my life, I started with nothing and built a business, a family, and created a home. I have lived the American Dream.
• I helped many others found and expand their businesses, resulting in job creation, so I know how it is done and what is standing in our way.
• I have immersed myself in history and economic policy and have been mentored in domestic and international business by leaders around the globe.
• I have volunteered in my community and helped my neighbors without fanfare.
• I am fully prepared to accept this responsibility and make our voices heard again, and our desires respected.
The Constitution states, “We the people,”
not “We, your authoritarian rulers decide”.
If you know me, you know I cannot keep silent. I never have been able to keep my opinion to myself. If you are half as angered over where our country is headed then I need your help to put a stop to it. We can start with this state and move forward from there. Sometimes it takes one person to step up and get the ball rolling and draw others to the cause. That’s who I’ve been my whole life.
We have a lot of work ahead, so if we start now we might save our children from facing the end of the America dream. We must restore our Bill of Rights and our national economic stability - “Because Freedom Matters”.
Please read my website at and choose to donate something.
GO TO DONATE NOW - or click anywhere you see the flashing CREDIT CARD.
I accept anything and the terms are listed there. We cannot take corporate contributions.

I am not the establishment candidate chosen by the Republican party so I have to face a primary challenger who has boldly stated, “this race is not winnable”, and “socialism isn’t bad”. I am amazed he is even bothering to run for office with that attitude. Since I represent fiscal conservative, tea party and libertarian values, this did not sit well with me, and I hope not with you either.
If you reside in the 38th State Senate district in North Carolina (North Mecklenburg) I would like to meet with you personally to talk about issues, with your friends, family and associates. I need every vote, and every dollar I can muster. These are dangerous times, and as Thomas Paine would say, we need some “Common Sense”.
and please donate what you can.
Thank you,
Liberty and Justice for All Committee
Richard Rivette
NC State Senate 38
General inquiries:

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