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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Blogger Apocalypse

Blogger is in the middle of a lengthy down-time of apocalyptic proportions.

Source for the above links: Sam Harrelson
Source for the bottom graph: Down Right Now

Well, I have survived the Blogger Apocalypse without loss of content. But, not without loss of confidence in the Blogger Platform. I've had several items today that I've wanted to blog about, but could not.

I am looking to leave the Blogger Platform, provided I can find blogging software (not Word Press, I've tried it and it sucks) and somewhere to host it. I currently use Bravenet for most of my other websites, but it is somewhat unreliable because it has been down several times in the past when I wanted to update my other websites.

This has been quite an unlucky Friday the 13th.

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