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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Public Hearing on Comprehensive Plan Tonight
Live Coverage Starts at 6pm
Updated with Tweets and Video From Meeting

**7.46pm** I've added the tweets I sent during the meeting at the end of this post. I will work on getting the video of the speakers processed as soon as I can.

**May 23, 2011** Here is the full video of the public hearing.

There is no published agenda for this public hearing due to start at 6.00pm. The Commissioners will be taking public comment on the Macon County Comprehensive Plan that has been prepared by the Macon County Planning Board. 

The meeting is tentatively scheduled to take place in the Commissioners Board Room on the third floor. If a lot of people show up, they'll move to the big courtroom on the fourth floor. 

Here is the full draft of the Macon County Comprehensive Plan as prepared by the Macon County Planning Board. It is downloadable so that you can read it at your leisure.

Comprehensive Plan Rough Draft Final 42811

Here is a distillation of the recommendations (notice that i spelled it correctly, they did not) for those too lazy to read the full document:

Reccomendations 42811

 I plan on being there and will be tweeting the meeting under my @wpig twitter account and using the hashtag #MaconGov. 

Here is the widget to follow along if you aren't using your favorite twitter client:

And here are the tweets I sent out during the meeting:

 at 5.47pm 

 at 6.09pm

 at 6.11 pm 

 at 6.11pm 

 at 6.14pm 

 at 6.16pm 

 at 6.19pm 

 at 6.20pm 

 at 6.24pm 

 at 6.26pm 

 at 6.28pm 

 at 6.31pm 

 at 6.35pm 

 at 6.38pm 

 at 6.41pm 

 at 6.43pm 

 at 6.48pm 

 at 6.53pm 

 at 6.57pm 

 at 7.00pm 

 at 7.03pm 

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