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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Grand Opening of the Jackson County Library is Today

A view of the new Jackson County Library Complex on the day the Book Brigade ferried the last books out of the old library

This is a story I've been following for the past year or so, and it will be fun to see it finally come to fruition: The Grand Opening of the new Jackson County Library Complex. I'll be covering the festivities surrounding the event today and will, if bandwidth allows, file brief reports from the new library during the day today.

I will be tweeting from my @ThunderPig account via cell phone and I expect, and hope, that @TheSylvaHerald will be tweeting too, if you want to check for real-time updates.

Here is a downloadable matrix of events that are scheduled to take place today. I plan on being there until 2 or 3pm:


And here is a look back on the journey to today:

The Sylva Herald has some stellar photographs of the new Library, and, if you dig through the archives, photos (and some video) of the the construction. They are the only Legacy Media outlet West of the Balsams to truly get the Internet side of their business.

An interview with Friends of the Library by WCU Film Students:

Interviews by the Tuck Reader (see full article):

Cupola Removal (see more coverage):

Book Brigade (see more coverage):

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