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Thursday, June 9, 2011

NC General Assembly
06-09-2011 Legislative Calendar
Links to Bills and Live Audio Feeds

Today is Crossover Day and promises to be insane, especially if Republicans follow the old model set by the Democrats. The North Carolina General Assembly is currently in session and here is the schedule for today. There are lots of committees meeting today, and there are sessions of the NC Senate and the NC House scheduled also. I have included links to bill histories, downloadable PDFs of the current versions of bills and links so that you can listen to the audio feed of these meetings live...provided they are taking place in a room that is wired for audio streaming to the Internet. To assist you in keeping up with history the Appropriations Act of 2011 (HB 200), click here. The Governor has not yet signed the bill, despite it being on her desk for almost a week. I'll keep you updated on the progress of that little tiff in the days ahead.

If you cannot listen to these meetings live, check back later to see if I have. If I have, I'll post the audio (and a download link) for the meeting in the calendar. You can also follow what is happening in the NC General Assembly by keeping an eye on the hashtag #ncga on Twitter.

If I haven't been able to listen, please check with Voter Radio. You should already besubscribing to their podcasts anyway. I do. ʘ‿ʘ

Link for audio webcasts by room. The old linking system no longer works.

8:00 AM
Finance -- CORRECTED (House)
Modify Refundability of EITC. (H93)
Rev Laws Tech, Clarify., & Admin. Chngs. (H122)
Modify Mecklenburg County Local Taxes. (H508)
Rendering Act Amendments. (H512)
LDP/Ignition Interlock Changes. (H591)
Eliminate Passenger Rail Fare Subsidy. (H865)
Check Off Donation: Government Funding. (H877)
Zoning/Temp. Family Health Care Structures. (H887)
Increase Criminal Court Costs/Victim's Comp. (H911)
Increase In Rem Foreclosure Fee. (S537)
Amend Lumberton Firemen's Pension Fund. (H581)
544 LOB
8:00 AM
Insurance (Senate)
Right to Choose Physical Therapist. (S656)
Transparency in the Cost of Health Care (for discussion only) (S744)
Protect and Put NC Back to Work. (H709)
Insurance Amendments.-AB (H298)
9th Senatorial District Local Act. (S236)
1124 LB
8:30 AM
Judiciary I (Senate)
Buyer Choice/Title Insurer & Settlement Agent. (S518)
Realign Wake Superior Court Districts. (H112)
Planned Community & Condo Act Amends. (H165)
Various Clarifying Militia Law Amendments. (H250)
References to Military Orgs./Make Uniform. (H262)
Allow PAs and NPs to Sign Death Cert. (H331)
Uniform Depositions and Discovery Act. (H379)
Amend RCP/Electronically Stored Information. (H380)
Amend Criminal Discovery Laws. (H408)
Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act. (H514)
Tort Reform for Citizens and Businesses. (H542)
Justice Reinvestment Act. (H642)
1027 LB
8:30 AM
Mental Health & Youth Services (Senate)
Statewide Expansion of 1915(b)/(c) Waiver. (H916)
414 LOB
9:00 AM
Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources (Senate)
Amend SW Financial Assurance Rqmts. (H209)
Nat'l Gas/Bonds/Fees/Studies (H242)
Functionally Equivalent Wastewater Systems. (H594)
Study Fox Laws. (H755)
Stormwater/Isolated Popl. Growth in County. (H492)
Public Contracts/Multiple Award. (H713)
ASU Wind Demonstration Project. (S665)
421 LOB
10:00 AM
Judiciary II (Senate)
Run and You're Done. (H427)
Disturbing/Dismembering Human Remains. (H227)
Amend Grounds/License Revocat'n/Bail Bondsman. (H649)
Substance Abuse Treatment. (H629)
Juvenile Code Revisions.-AB (H382)
1124 LB
10:00 AM
Speaker Tillis/Press Conference (Time Change)
Press Room LB
10:30 AM
Session Convenes (House)
10:30 AM
Finance (Senate)
Rev Laws Tech, Clarify., & Admin. Chngs. (S267)
544 LOB
11:00 AM
Session Convenes (Senate)
11:59 PM
Crossover Deadline

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