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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NC General Assembly
06-08-2011 Legislative Calendar
Links to Bills and Live Audio Feeds

The North Carolina General Assembly is currently in session and here is the schedule for today. There are lots of committees meeting today, and there are sessions of the NC Senate and the NC House scheduled also. I have included links to bill histories, downloadable PDFs of the current versions of bills and links so that you can listen to the audio feed of these meetings live...provided they are taking place in a room that is wired for audio streaming to the Internet. To assist you in keeping up with history the Appropriations Act of 2011 (HB 200), click here.

If you cannot listen to these meetings live, check back later to see if I have. If I have, I'll post the audio (and a download link) for the meeting in the calendar. You can also follow what is happening in the NC General Assembly by keeping an eye on the hashtag #ncga on Twitter.

If I haven't been able to listen, please check with Voter Radio. You should already besubscribing to their podcasts anyway. I do. ʘ‿ʘ

Link for audio webcasts by room. The old linking system no longer works.

I am also just linking to the PDFs of the calendars for the NC House and NC Senate sessions since they are getting crazy huge the closer we get to Crossover Day. I'm betting that Crossover Day itself will be insane.

Health Care (Senate)
Bills not heard at 11:00 A.M. will be considered
544 LOB
8:00 AM
Rules and Operations of the Senate (Senate)
Landowner Protection Act. (H762)
Professional Sports Agents/College Athletes. (S224)
2011 President Pro Tem Appointments Bill. (S686)
Ed. Employees Ass'n./Equal Access Act. (S755)
1027 LB
8:00 AM
Finance -- CORRECTED (House)
Modify Refundability of EITC. (H93)
Rev Laws Tech, Clarify., & Admin. Chngs. (H122)
Taxpayer Information Act. (H315)
Retirement Technical Corrections.-AB (H376)
Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Law Changes. (H494)
Modify Mecklenburg County Local Taxes. (H508)
Rendering Act Amendments. (H512)
Global TransPark PED Study. (H841)
Zoning/Temp. Family Health Care Structures. (H887)
Increase Criminal Court Costs/Victim's Comp. (H911)
Increase In Rem Foreclosure Fee. (S537)
544 LOB
8:30 AM
Appropriations/Base Budget (Senate)
Global TransPark PED Study. (S409)
643 LOB
9:00 AM
Commerce (Senate)
Clarify Exception/Real Estate Broker Laws. (S507)
Residential Building Inspections. (S683)
Improve Enforcement/General Contractor Laws. (S708)
Regulatory Reform Act of 2011. (S781)
1027 LB
10:00 AM
Judiciary Subcommittee A -- CORRECTED (House)
Accident/Ticket 30-Day No Contact. (H87)
Show Mortgage Payoff on Satisfaction Filing. (H203)
Bill of Rights/Deaf/Hearing Impaired. (H625)
Property Owners Protection Act. (H652)
Tort Reform Act of 2011. (H732)
Allow Nonattorney Ownership of PC Law Firms. (H832)
AOC/Custody & Availability of Ct Records. (H859)
10:00 AM
Commerce and Job Development Subcommittee on Science and Technology -- CORRECTED (House)
Local Electronic Notice. (H307)
Dept. of Admin/Procurement Modernization.-AB (H391)
1425 LB
10:00 AM
Judiciary Subcommittee B (House)
Nuisance Abatement Changes. (H433)
Sheriff/Inspect Prescription Drug Records. (H606)
Statewide Enterprise Fraud/Waste Detection. (H741)
Victims' Compensation Law Changes.-AB (S272)
Make Synthetic Cannabinoids Illegal. (H12)
Law Enforcement Officer Fairness Act. (H602)
421 LOB
10:00 AM
Education/Higher Education (Senate)
No Adult Left Behind. (S166)
Public-Private Partnership for Schools. (S243)
Eliminate Cost of Reduced Price School Meals. (S415)
Community College Investment Flexibility. (H72)
Governance of the Dep't of Public Instruction. (H823)
Personal Learning Plan for Each Child. (H855)
544 LOB
10:00 AM
Commerce and Job Development Subcommittee on Business and Labor -- CORRECTED (House)
Expand Duties of Economic Dev. Oversight Comm. (H24)
Economic Impact/Regulatory Legislation. (H237)
Landlord/Tenant/Bed Bug Liability. (H721)
Selective Vegetation Removal/State Highways . (S183)
Clarify Motor Vehicle Licensing Law. (S438)
643 LOB
11:00 AM
Health Care (Senate)
Expand Pharmacists' Immunizing Authority. (S246)
Prison Hospital Completion. (H646)
Diabetes Task Force. (H647)
Legislative Task Force on Childhood Obesity. (H218)
Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act. (H792)
Revise Laws on Adult Care Homes. (H808)
Birth Certificate/Stillborn Infants. (S770)
544 LOB
12:00 NOON
Pensions & Retirement and Aging (Senate)
Retirement Allowance/Remarriage Option. (H263)
Fire and Rescue Separation Allowances. (S350)
Remove Restriction/LEO Disability Benefits. (S443)
Local Retirement COLA Authority (for discussion only). (S538)
TSERS/LGERS Return of Contributions. (S701)
1027 LB
12:00 NOON
Transportation (Senate)
Single Trip Permits/Modular Homes. (S771)
Household Goods Carriers/ID Markings. (H311)
Amend Weight Limits for Farm Products. (H468)
Transportation Map Corridors/Condemnation. (S214)
1124 LB
12:00 NOON
Mental Health & Youth Services (Senate)
Behavioral Health Management. (S465)
Statewide Expansion of 1915(b)/(c) Waiver. (H916)
414 LOB
12:00 NOON
State Personnel (House)
Please note room change. Meeting will be for 2 hours.
Local Bds of Education/403(b) Option. (H730)
Gov't Health Plans/ Limited Abortion Coverage. (H910)
State Pension Plan Solvency Reform Act. (H927)
State Health Plan Solvency Reform Act. (H928)
605 LOB
12:00 NOON
Public Utilities -- CORRECTED (House)
Winston-Salem Franchises. (H372)
Energy Jobs Act. (S709)
Confirm Edward Finley to Utilities Commission. (S778)
643 LOB
1:00 PM
Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House -- CORRECTED (House)
Cornelius Design-Build and Investments. (H442)
NH County Commissioners Accountability Act. (H437)
License Plate Agency Contracts. (H763)
1327 LB
1:00 PM
Finance (Senate)
Extend Assessment Refund Period. (H167)
Certificates Under Seal in Indigent Cases/Fee. (H243)
Incorporate Rougemont. (H292)
Repeal Savings Bond Payroll Savings Program.-AB (H313)
State Treasurer's Investments.-AB (H318)
Maintenance of Prisons. (H335)
Amend Rutherford County Occupancy Tax. (H414)
Swine in Transport/Regulate Feral Swine. (H432)
Graham County/Cemetery Tax By General Law. (H532)
Amend Moore County Occupancy Tax. (H545)
Prepaid Wireless/Point of Sale Collection. (H571)
Job Creation Act of 2011. (H619)
Increase Payment of Unclaimed Property Claims. (H692)
IRC Update. (S94)
AOC Collection Assistance Fee. (S131)
Operation of Mopeds. (S195)
Restore Cigarette Tax Stamps. (S249)
Rev Laws Tech, Clarify., & Admin. Chngs. (S267)
Extend Qualified Business Venture Tax Credit. (S436)
Rewrite Landscape Contractor Laws. (S447)
Release Subdivided Lots From Tax Liens. (S486)
Life Sciences Development Act. (S527)
Rendering Act Amendments. (S599)
Mutual Insurance Holding Companies. (S647)
Div. of Criminal Information (DCI) Changes. (S699)
544 LOB
12:00 NOON
Elections (House)
Optional Vote Centers for Second Primary. (H125)
Election Fairness Act of 2011. (H300)
Pol. Comm. Treas. Training/Org. Rpt Req. (H346)
Bd. of Ethics, Lobbying, and Campaign Finance. (H710)
643 LOB
2:00 PM
Session Convenes (House)
2:00 PM
Session Convenes (Senate)

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