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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Primary Election Results for Macon County

Here are the results of the local races in Macon County from last night:

Macon County Commissioners

District 1 Democrat Percentage of Votes Number of Votes
Allan (Ricky) Bryson 57.28% 1,047
Michael David Rogers 42.72% 781

District 1 Republican Percentage of Votes Number of Votes
Brian McClellan 56.39% 997
Jimmy Tate 43.61% 771

The top two advance to the General Election in November to face Charles Leatherman and Ronnie Haven.
District 2 Democrat  Percentage of Votes Number of Votes
Ronnie Beale 38.93% 1,252
Bob Simpson 31.75% 1,021
Carroll Poindexter 29.32% 943

Sheriff Race

Winner faces Sheriff Robbie Holland in the General Election
Sheriff Democrat Percentage of Votes Number of Votes
George Lynch 52.02% 965
Richard Davis  41.83% 776
Ricky DeHart 6.15% 114

You can explore the results in the races for yourself on the NC State Board of Elections results webpage. When the results page goes into archive, you can find the results from the landing page.


This was the first time I had gone down to the County Courthouse to watch the returns. The Macon County IT Department had all their ducks in a row and the Board of Elections people were very professional and helpful.