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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NC General Assembly
05-25-2010 Legislative Calender

Here is the Legislative calender for today's activities in the General Assembly.

8:30 AM
Appropriations Subcommittee on Education (House)

421 LOB
8:30 AM AND 1:00 PM
Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government (House)

1425 LB
9:00 AM
H.E.L.P. Small Business Act. (H1721)
Collection of Offender Fines and Fees. (S388)
544 LOB
9:00 AM
Appropriations Subcomittee on Health and Human Services (House) [LISTEN LIVE]
SHP/ Age-Out Dependents; Tobacco Use Testing. (H1707)
643 LOB
9:30 AM
Sen. Phil Berger
Press Room LB
10:00 AM
Judiciary I (House)
Collect DNA Sample on Arrest. (H1403)
Amend Domestic Crim. Trespass. (S140)
1228 LB
10:00 AM
Judiciary III (House)
Susie's Law. (H1690)
1425 LB
10:00 AM
Judiciary II (House)
Municipal Tax Certification. (H1673)
Extend Joint Study Comm. Pres. Bio. Evidence. (H1680)
Limit Liability/Domestic Violence Shelters. (S144)
Pooled Trusts/Medicaid Reimbursement. (S704)
421 LOB
10:30 AM
Sen. Neal Hunt
Press Room LB
11:00 AM
Education (House) [LISTEN LIVE]
Ban Corp. Punish. for Children W/Disabilit. (H1682)
Amend Sunset/Children w/Disab. (H1683)
Career Acad. as Coop. Innov. High School. (H1700)
Comparative Effectiveness Task Force. (S1022)
643 LOB
12:00 PM
State and Local Government (Senate)
Carrboro Energy Efficiency/Renewable. (S1113)
Chapel Hill Energy Efficiency/Renewable. (S1114)
Burlington Economic Development. (S1120)
Burlington Charter/Real Property Sale/Lease. (S1121)
Cabarrus Fire District Boundary Validation. (S1146)
Abolish Rutherford County Coroner. (S1238)
1124 LB
12:00 PM
Health (House) [LISTEN LIVE]
Update Statewide Nutrition Standards. (H1756)
Physical Education and Activity in Schools. (H1757)
Electronic Funds Transfers/Farmers Markets. (H1776)
Amend Public Health-Related Laws. (S675)
544 LOB
12:00 PM
Environment and Natural Resources (House) [LISTEN LIVE]
NC Sustainable Communities Task Force. (H1701)
Clean Marinas Amendments. (H1708)
Extend Zoo Funds & Org. Study Committee. (H1720)
Study - NC Programs That Impact Environment. (H1803)
Funds to Assess/Monitor NC Climate Change. (H1805)
643 LOB
1:00 PM
Financial Institutions (House)
Homeowner and Homebuyer Protection Act. (S1015)
1425 LB
1:00 PM
Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House (House)
Pitt County's 250th Anniversary. (H1722)
Honor Randolph County Honor Guard. (H1869)
Honor Mickey Hutchens. (H1900)
Honor George Holmes. (H1901)
421 LOB
1:00 PM
Rep. Earl/Press Conference
Rev: HIV Advocacy
Press Room LB
Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government (House)

2:00 PM
Session Convenes (Senate) [LISTEN LIVE]

Senate Chamber
2:00 PM
Water Resources and Infrastructure (House)
Local Government Comm. Review Water Systems. (H1743)
Water Funding Priorities. (H1744)
Survey Ag. Water Infrastructure Needs. (H1745)
Water Infrastructure Database/Task Force. (H1746)
1228 LB
2:00 PM
State Government/State Personnel (House)
Reed Gold Mine Revolving Fund. (H1863)
424 LOB
3:00 PM
Session Convenes (House) [LISTEN LIVE]

House Chamber