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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Muslim terrorist arrested in attempted Times Square bombing

4 May 2010: Faisal SHAHZAD, 30, a Muslim from Pakistan who was recently naturalized as a U.S. citizen, was arrested late Monday night by Customs and Border Protection agents at JFK airport as he attempted to flee the U.S. to his native Pakistan via Dubai. SHAHZAD was placed on the “do-not-fly” list earlier Monday based on information developed during the course of the investigation into the attempted vehicle bombing in Time Square. He was identified as the individual who drove the vehicle into Times Square. Authorities are currently investigating SHAHZAD’s U.S. support network in the New York area, including other possible suspects who have not yet been publicly identified.
According to information provided to this author by New York authorities, SHAZAD lives in Shelton, Connecticut. He became naturalized in April 2009 shortly before traveling back to Pakistan for a five-month period. SHAHZAD is married and reportedly maintains a wife in Pakistan. His activities while in Pakistan allegedly include meetings with at least one Pakistani based Muslim terrorist organization and time spent at terror training camps, based on information provided to this author.
Also according to information provided by a New York official, investigators are looking into SHAHZAD’s U.S. contacts as the probe into Saturday’s bombing attempt widens. “There is no doubt that this was an Islamic inspired, sanctioned and funded attempted terror attack against the citizens of the U.S.,” stated the New York official on the strict condition of anonymity. “There is a concern that more attacks are being planned by individuals in the well as in other countries, especially Pakistan,” added this source.

Just for the record, this guy was a naturalized citizen who was living in Connecticut, a registered Democrat and quite possibly a donor to the Obama presidential campaign. 
Who would have believed that the terrorist was a Muslim? Or that he had recently spent about 5 months in the Peshawar region of Pakistan, near Taliban strongholds? 
The guy certainly fits the profile of a Muslim Terrorist. I wonder how long it will be before the leftist media try to dispel notions that this attack is somehow connected with the desire to engage in jihad? 
This is not an isolated case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.