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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 US Senate Primary Races:
Rand Paul and Jack Conway Win in Kentucky

Here are the results of the primaries (119 of 120 counties reporting) in Kentucky where 11 candidates (6 Republicans and 5 Democrats) in two parties are competing to see who will face each other to replace the retiring Jim Bunting in the fall. The top Republican, Rand Paul, will be facing the top Democrat, Jack Conway in November. 

The turnout is Kentucky was 32.65%, with 40.34% casting ballots for Republicans and 59.66% casting ballots for Democrats in the US Senate race. 

Kentucky GOP Primary for US SENATE
Candidate Percent of Vote Number of Votes
Rand Paul 58.77 206812
Trey Grayson 35.44 124710
Bill Johnson 2.23 7855
John Stephenson 1.96 6885
Gurley Martin 0.81 2852
Jon Scribner 0.80 2813
Total GOP Ballots Cast 351927

Kentucky DEM Primary for US SENATE
Candidate Percent of Vote Number of Votes
Jack Conway 43.91 228531
Daniel Mongiardo 43.23 224989
Darlene Price 5.48 28543
James Buckmaster 3.95 20539
Maurice Sweeney 3.42 17810
Total DEM Ballots Cast 520412

**7.23am update**

This just in from Five Thirty Eight:

Because of Paul's impressive 24-point margin of victory, almost any explanation you might proffer probably contains some element of truth. But for all his libertarian and tea-party dressing, Paul in fact ran on a fairly conventional, conservative platform. He's pro-life, anti-gay marriage, anti-immigration ... there are only the faintest hints of libertarianism here. This was probably a good thing for him because Kentucky, which has traditionally been socially conservative but economically moderate, is pretty much kitty-corner to the libertarian side of the political quadrant. This was actually very clever, in a lot of ways -- Paul's last name (and decision to affiliate himself with the tea party) gained him national attention and fundraising and earned media, but to people in Kentucky, he ought to have been a very comfortable choice who was somewhat more fresh-faced than his rival. The branded product beat the generic one.

Paul might have some trouble in general election, especially after somewhat underwhelming turnout in the primary (Democratic turnout was actually 60 percent higher, although Democrats enjoy a substantial registration advantage in Kentucky). But that's more because of his inexperience and 
standoffishness and less because of his platform.

**7.55am** Polling Data on the Paul vs Conway show it could be a horse race in Kentucky...

Daily Kos (D) has Paul by 3% [42-39]
PPP (D) has Paul by 1% [41-40]
Rasmussen has Paul by 9% [47-38]
RCP Poll Avg has Paul by 4.3% [43.3-39]
Source: Real Clear Politics


I found this on a conservative blog in Kentucky that shows the tactics being used by libertarians like Rand Paul to infiltrate the Republican Party. Rand made it through based on his daddy's donor list and name recognition. Thank God that other libertarians are finding a harder time of it in other races.

"I know that third party candidates can’t win in KY. Although I’m a libertarian at heart, I’ve decided to run as a Republican. Once I win I’ll be able to promote my father’s principles and work towards reforming the Republican party." `Rand Paul
Source: Conservative KY Gal

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