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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are Conservatives Awakening to the Libertarian Takeover of the GOP?

Is there a plan for Libertarians to “take over” the Republican Party?

The Libertarian Party’s page features a lively topic discussion called “libertarian takeover of the GOP.” The Campaign for Liberty* website has a posting where a blogger writes: “Just as the radical ‘progressives’ through and other affiliates invaded the Democrat party structure and effectively took over it’s apparatus so does a group need to seize control of the only last salvation this country has and take over the Republican Party and use that as its instrument to change.”

Over on the hatemongering Daily Kos site, a liberal blogger who calls himself “Abraham Running For Congress When I Turn 25” had this to say about the Libertarians (I’m keeping his poor punctuation and grammar intact): “But in My opinion, if they (libertarians) feel more comfortable in the Republican Party we should just help them take it over. I think it would be much easier to work with libertarians than to work the crew that currently run it… We need to be willing to debate policy. And I think I would do that with a libertarian Republican Party.”

Closer to home, a blogger in Western North Carolina had this to say in August 2007: “…we think that the opportunity is clear and the time is right for freedom-loving progressives, libertarians and classic liberals to charge the ramparts and take over the Republican Party…”


Those of you who have read this blog for a while know that this is a drum I have beat pretty hard since August 2007. I hope that this is a sign that others are finally putting together the pieces I have seen, and that they will act on it before it is too late for 2012. (It is already too late for 2010). I have watched in dismay as Republicans who call themselves conservatives allow themselves to be pawns in this "liberaltarian" takeover attempt...

So, join me for a walk down memory lane. 

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