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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thunder Tech for 03-18-2009

It is time again for a look at what is making the news in the social networking and technology world, so here goes...

Maximum PC has an article that
is entitled "Four Ways to Separate Open-Source Winners and Losers" that is interesting.

According to Daily Tech, researchers have been able to transmit data at 2.5Gbps over single mode fiber 37 miles long. Now that is what I call broadband!!!

Geeks are Sexy has a collection of Segway photos that are worth taking a look at, including Pirate on a Segway.

jkOnTheRun notes that New York City handed out over 9,000 citations to people who were using cell phones while driving, and over 195,000 in 2008! That is one law that people seem to be ignoring at $125 a pop.

Tech Republic has a light-hearted look at 10 Management Techinques they'd like to see for IT Departments.

UberGizmo reports on a Chicago Traffic Camera that might track (and send citations to) uninsured drivers. I'm still waiting for the model that shoots tranquilizers at offenders.

Google Chrome now has extensions.

Lifehacker pits the iPhone against Android in a head-to-head match up.

Some teenagers captured a photo of the earth from 20 miles altitude using a Nikon Coolpix camera and a balloon. That is just nuts.

Chris Brogan has an anecdote about the power of apology.

Is twitter peaking? Steve Rubel thinks so.

And in the just plain weird, Indian scientists have discovered three new species of bacteria... in the upper stratosphere.