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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WNC Homes Demands Mental Health Blogger Remove Content

Here is the story from the blogger in a nutshell:

Today I was asked by WNC Homes, a Family Care Home in western NC----scratch that-----today I was DEMANDED to remove IMMEDIATELY from my blog any reference to WNC Homes as I sat in the DSS Buncombe meeting in order to 'resolve' some 'misunderstandings' about why I believe I have a right to see my clients at their residences in their Family Care Home.

WNC Homes called the Buncombe County sheriff on me three weeks ago because I refused to stop having therapy w/ my client in the client's residence. That action created a sheriff's report. Jeff Clifton of WNC Family Homes told me to NEVER come back on 'his' property (I mean the property that is completely supported by the social security check payments of the disabled people who live there some of whom are my clients).

That means that WNC Homes has created a 'public' incident. And that means that you, Jeff Clifton, are now a public figure.

NAH. I'm not taking off anything.

And since you're reading this, Jeff Clifton of WNC Homes, know that I figured out that you intercepted the letter that I sent to my client who complained and complained that he never received it. Can you say MAIL FRAUD? Can you imagine HIPAA VIOLATION? The dead giveaway was in the Release of Information form that you included in your 'packet' you handed out at DSS today: the release of information had ONLY the name of the legal firm to whom the information was intended.

I suggest you back far, far away from me.

Check out the wonderful and only EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation:

Source: Madame Defarge


I think that Jeff Clifton, of WNC Homes, has bitten off more than he can chew in taking the steps as reported by Marsha. He should be aware that I will do my part in publicizing his behavior, as should more bloggers.

I've had people forbid me to blog about them before (all were Republicans to date), and I have yet to comply with any of their demands, and I urge Marsha to do the same.