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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Legacy Media Prepares to Marginalize Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, Christian Conservative Revivalist (according to the New York Slimes)

The Legacy Media have now noticed Glenn Beck, and you can be sure that the attack is just beginning. The New York Slimes, hater of Conservatives and Christians, has a piece up on Glenn Beck, and here is a portion:

He says that America is “on the road to socialism” and that “God and religion are under attack in the U.S.” He recently wondered aloud whether FEMA was setting up concentration camps, calling it a rumor that he was unable to debunk.

At the same time, though, he says he is an entertainer. “I’m a rodeo clown,” he said in an interview, adding with a coy smile, “It takes great skill.”

And like a rodeo clown, Mr. Beck incites critics to attack by dancing in front of them.

“There are absolutely historical precedents for what is happening with Beck,” said Tom Rosenstiel, the director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism. “There was a lot of radio evangelism during the Depression. People were frustrated and frightened. There are a lot of scary parallels now.”

The conservative writer David Frum said Mr. Beck’s success “is a product of the collapse of conservatism as an organized political force, and the rise of conservatism as an alienated cultural sensibility.”

“It’s a show for people who feel they belong to an embattled minority that is disenfranchised and cut off,” he said.

Joel Cheatwood, a senior vice president for development at Fox News, said he thought Mr. Beck’s audience was a “somewhat disenfranchised” one. And, he added, “it’s a huge audience.”

Mr. Beck has used phrases like “we surround them,” invoked while speaking vaguely about people who do not share his discomfort with the “direction America is being taken in.”

Source: New York Slimes


First, let me note that the New York Slimes calls David Frum a conservative. David Frum is not. He is, at best, a moderate Republican of the type that is destroying the Republican party. They are using him as their Stalking plant the first seeds of doubt in their gullible readership, and to set the tone for how the rest of the legacy media cover this story. People like Glenn Beck are the people who are engaged in rebuilding our party by going back to the basic principles of conservatism.

Here are his nine principles, which are very conservative, and are boiled down to the very basic concepts:

The Nine Principles

1. America is good. 

2. I believe in God and He is the Center of my Life. 

3. I must always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday. 

4. The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority, not the government. 

5. If you break the law you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is above it. 

6. I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results. 

7. I work hard for what I have and I will share it with who I want to. Government cannot force me to be charitable. 

8. It is not un-American for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion. 

9. The government works for me. I do not answer to them, they answer to me.

And, as a kicker, here are the twelve values he promotes on his show, which are also very conservative in nature...

12 Values
  • Honesty
  • Reverence
  • Hope
  • Thrift
  • Humility
  • Charity
  • Sincerity
  • Moderation
  • Hard Work
  • Courage
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Gratitude

Glenn Beck has taken the basis of conservatism and expressed them in a way that everyman can understand. You don't have to have a degree in Political Philosophy or English to understand them. 

You don't even have to have graduated high school to understand them like Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles that I use as a shorthand way of introducing people to conservatism, and what it generally stands I have something that is, on a basic level of understanding, better.

So, watch as the legacy media and their allies in the progresswive-wing of the Democrat party begin to crank up their attacks on Glenn Beck ever so slightly, attempting to manipulate public opinion against Glenn Beck, who has become a very able spokesman for Social Conservatives in the past few months.

God has his hand on Glenn Beck, and those of us who are Christians need to have him in our prayers, and be mindful of the need to keep a spiritual shield around this man.