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Friday, March 20, 2009

One Second After by William (Bill) R. Forstchen

One of my favorite authors (William R. Forstchen) has his newest book available for purchase. The book is called "
One Second After," and it deals with the danger of what happens after a nuclear weapon is detonated just outside the earth's atmosphere, and the Electro-Magnetic Pulse that would render nearly all electrical devices useless, and millions of people would starve because our infrastructure would be destroyed. 

He set his book in Black Mountain, NC and covers what happens to his fictional characters in the year following the detonation of such a device. 

I urge you to read the book, and make sure that you are prepared (as well as you can be) for such an event. 

Here are some websites for you to check out that will help you prepare for an EMP or other disaster:

EMP Commission Report [200 page pdf]

Survialblog [discussion in 2007 before terrorists had access to rockets]

Protecting yourself from an EMP [an article from 1989]

Surviving Unforseen Events [included because it offers a philosophy geared to survival]

My Robust Get Home Kit [I am working on updating the 2006 article, and including video]