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Friday, March 20, 2009

Local Lefties Are (Oh My Gosh!) Offended Over a Tweet
Updated With Press Release

The Progressive group blog known as Scrutiny Hooligans has piled on with their fellow socialists, I mean progressives, at Blue NC in a post objecting to the following tweet by @WNCGOP:

So, this is why the youth vote went to Obama…because they’re a bunch of easily led, useful idiots. Makes sense.

Blue NC then proceeded to "manufacture rage" over the tweet thusly:

Someone needs to tell the Republicans in North Carolina that voters don't like to be pissed on.

I wouldn't just post this without a call to action, so here it is:

E-mail the NC GOP Chair Linda Daves and Executive Director Chris McClure telling them that they need to respect young voters.

Write a letter to the editor of the Raleigh News & Observer.

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Source: Blue NC

And Gordon Smith piled on with this:

WNCGOP also insults the people of Asheville (especially our eastern European immigrant population) by linking to this video along with the quote: “From the streets of Asheville, North Carolina (not really, but hey, it’s funny)”

The grown-up in charge of the Twittering might want to reel this person in…



Here is my advice to the WNCGOP. Don't let this get to you. There was nothing wrong with that post. It is an Alinskyite tactic designed to drive a wedge between Republicans...exactly as they have tried to do with Rush Limbaugh and the GOP, between Rush Limbaugh and Michael Steele, between Michael Steele and the GOP.

Do not fall for it.

They use this tactic at this time out of fear. Fear of us.

Conservatives in WNC are finally migrating to the Internet, and making use of modern technology (not is a dead end) to spread information and work together in opposing the evil and abominable plans of President Barack Obama.

And, Yes, to laugh at his idiot followers. This includes the morons at Blue NC and Scrutiny Hooligans. I laugh at them both because I can smell their fear, and it is delicious.

Do not give in to them, NC-11 Republicans, and do not discipline whoever tweeted that which the Progressives have attempted to use as a tool to cause us to fight among ourselves.

I ask people to contact the very people that the Blue NC progressives instructed their readers to contact, and voice your support for the WNCGOP. Tell them that the progressives are attempting to create controversy and it will not work...that you are not fooled.

Progressives are getting scared because they can see we are getting stronger...

And I will use this opportunity to invite my fellow conservatives to make an effort to increase their usage of the Internet as a tool of activism...they cannot track us all...

**update** Jane Q Republic has also jumped into the fray...

**update to the update** The NC-11 GOP has issued a presser regarding this incident, and it follows:

Friday, March 20, 2009
For more information, contact:

Local GOP Takes Heat
From Radical Left Wing
Comments on Twitter Spark Controversy
Among State & Local Bloggers

Asheville, NCThe Internet was buzzing this morning over a post on the 11th District's Twitter Page which cited a March 18 article entitled "Colleges Teaching Students What To Think Rather Than How To Think" with a tongue-in-cheek characterization of the Obama youth vote in the last election as being "useful idiots" --- a historical reference to Vladimir Lenin's description of American liberals. (see

Several sites, including the left-wing blogs BlueNC and Scrutiny Hooligans,picked up on the story after several Twitterers in Washington DC spammed the local GOP site with disparaging comments. Scrutiny Hooligans, for its part, is notorious in Western North Carolina for its hateful and often personal attacks onelected officials and the occasional mocking of people of faith.

"There is no question that between the extreme liberal bias in our public education system, Hollywood and the press --- not to mention the $1.5 Billion spent by the Obama campaign on slick advertising --- that many voters were sold a bill of goods in the last election," said 11th District GOP Chair Stephen G. Duncan. "And I think that was particularly true with younger voters."

Citing an article in today's Inside Higher Ed, Duncan continued: "It would be difficult to have a balanced perspective of the issues if you were only ten to twelve years old when our nation was attacked on September 11. These kids came of age inundated with nothing but Republican-bashing spin from liberals and the media. I think it's unfortunate, but it's true."

Duncan noted that these websites, which regularly post entries attacking not only Republicans, but conservative Democrats in North Carolina, are somewhat hypocritical in complaining about such a minor (although perhaps politically incorrect) comment.

"Given the hateful statements that often come from left-wing bloggers here in Asheville  --- who seem to have no problem attacking those they don't agree with (and that includes their own fellow Democrats) --- it seems like they're over-reacting," continued Duncan. "Besides, we're not saying that younger voters are stupid. All we're saying is that many voters were heavily influenced by an extravagantly funded propaganda campaign like we've never seen before in American politics," he continued. "I think that is a fair and accurate statement."

Conservative bloggers from around the country quickly rushed to the 11th District's defense, including the well-respected Asheville-based Jane Q. Republican, who said this morning of the useful idiot reference: "This is an excellent use of the term.  The insult conveyed here is not to the students who are manipulated; it is to the manipulators. One need only read the referenced article to comprehend that much...Blue NC (got) their panties in a wad because someone outside of the Democrat party appeared to have violated their patent on rude."

Republican Party officials agree that one of the most potent weapons in the left-wing arsenal --- and perhaps the key to Obama's popularity with younger voters --- was its mastery of what is referred to as Web. 2.0, which essentially takes websites to the next level through social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter. "We will not sit by and cede this particular playing field to leftists. We as conservatives in Western North Carolina and around the country intend to fight back," said Duncan.

For those not currently using Twitter, it can be thought of as essentially a running newsfeed of thought and opinion that contains hyperlinks to external websites.You may download a complete transcript in PDF format of the 11th District's Twitter entries --- and more than 250 links to stories of interest to Republicans and Conservatives --- by clicking here.

Today's controversy comes on the 155th Anniversary of the birth of theRepublican Party in Ripon, Wisconsin. "The Republican Party has always stood against Tyranny and we always will. Even if it is a tyranny of the politically-correct, left-wing socialist blogosphere."

"The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But underthe name of 'liberalism' they will adopt every fragment of the Socialistprogram, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, withoutknowing how it happened."
--- Norman Thomas (1884-1968)
Six time presidential candidate
Socialist Party of America