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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tom Fetzer for NCGOP Chairman

A lot of news has been lost in the shuffle of my busy days. Here is one that got past me...

News from Tom Fetzer
Dear Republican Friend, 

I am running for Chairman of the 
North Carolina Republican Party.
The unprecedented challenges facing our state and country at this time present a tremendous opportunity for our Party to make a stand against the 
liberal Democratswho threaten the very existence of our Republic.
·         The Democrat-controlled Congress continues to hand over taxpayer dollars to the big banks and mega-companies.
·         President Obama is pushing every day for more socialized health care that will limit patients' health choices.
·         Here in 
North Carolina, the liberal Democrats have proposed increasing the state budget almost two billion dollars and increasing taxes over a billion dollars.
To fight back, it's time that Republicans return to the basic conservative principles we believe in.  
Limited government.  Lower taxes.  The Right to Life. And the defense of our God-given Constitutional rights.

In 1993, I was elected the first Republican Mayor in the history of Raleigh - a Democrat stronghold - in an election hailed by the Wall Street Journal as "the most impressive reform victory in the country" that year.  
In the six years I served as Mayor of Raleigh, we didn't apologize for our conservative principles like so many do today.  Instead we boldly used them to bring about efficient and effective government that provided taxpayers better service for their tax dollars.

In the last few years, our Party has lost its way and strayed from our conservative roots.  As Republican State Chairman, you can count on me to proudly carry the conservative banner that is the backbone of our party.  We'll get things done.
We will make our principles of less government and individual freedom a beacon of hope for those disaffected by the government-first, hand-in-your-pocket liberalism that is seeping into every level of political life and choking off our personal freedoms.
As Chairman, I commit to you that we will build a grassroots organization in North Carolina second to none.  Just like in warfare, air power is extremely important, but ground troops win the war.  We need grassroots volunteers and activists listening, talking and organizing their precincts and communities to battle the Democrats and win elections.

We will create an organizational plan and invest the resources to execute our plan.  Our goal will be for every county to participate and for every county to benefit.  We can't afford to write off any part of our state and allow it to vote Democrat.  When I ran for Mayor of Raleigh we built a political organization like Raleigh had never seen.  We will implement that same kind of plan for the entire state of North Carolina!   
Another thing I intend to do as Chairman to turn our fortunes is to raise the level of fundraising for our Party.  I for one am tired of our Party and our candidates getting their teeth kicked in election after election because we are being outspent by margins of two and three to one.  

Money's not a cure-all - but it helps win elections. It is vital in building a strong grassroots organization. It is vital in paying for ads that get our message of real hope to voters. 

Another thing that is critical for the future of our Party is to recruit the best candidates we can to run for office. Not just candidates who will agree to run to fill a slot. Not just good candidates. We need to find the best. When I was Mayor of Raleigh we were able to recruit quality people who voted with our cause. I believe I can do the same as Chairman and recruit the best and brightest to run under the Republican banner. 

If you want to take our 
Republican Party to the next level where we can start winning elections, I need you to join me in this cause and help my campaign for Chairman. 

I need your support today and hope that you will attend the State Convention and cast your vote for me for Republican State Chairman. 

I invite you to visit our 
website to read more about me and my vision for our Party. If you have any questions or want to know where I stand on certain things, please don't hesitate to call or email me

We absolutely must re-elect 
Senator Richard Burr in 2010. With redistricting coming up again after the 2010 census - - determining the new district lines for Congress and our legislative districts - we need to settle for nothing less than winning control of one or both houses of the N.C. General Assembly!

Help me lead our Party to victory in 2010! 
Join our cause and help in my campaign for Republican State Chairman. God bless and I look forward to hearing from you.


Tom Fetzer