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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pollster Says "Obama would crush Palin" in matchup

Several national polls of Republican voters since the election last fall have shown Sarah Palin as the top choice of the party faithful to be the GOP's nominee for President in 2012. But a new national PPP poll finds that nominating Palin could be a death wish for the party, with Barack Obama leading Palin 55-35 in a hypothetical contest. The key reason Palin would lose to Obama by so much is that even though she might be the top choice for a certain segment of voters within her party, there's also a number of Republicans who say they would vote for Obama if their party nominated Palin. The Alaska Governor leads Obama just 66-17 among GOP voters. By comparison, John McCain beat Obama 90-9 with the party faithful. So Palin would be losing a lot of ground even with the base if she was the nominee. Obama leads 89-7 with Democrats and has a more narrow 46-42 advantage with independents.

Public Policy Polling
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How many Electoral Votes would that be? According to PPP, it would be 446-92.


I find this hard to believe that she would lose that badly despite large negatives in the GOP. I think that President Obama's poor performance will be more evident in 2012 and play a factor in the election.

It is hard to call elections this far in advance, and PPP should realize that Palin has finished third or fourth in some conservative online polls I've seen...and the one at the 2009 CPAC had her tied with Ron Paul for third at 13%.
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