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Sunday, March 15, 2009

EPA Arrests CNBC's Rick Santelli

CNBC reporter Rick Santelli, whose passionate rant about the Obama housing rescue plan, and call for a "Chicago Tea Party" became a viral internet video, was arrested today by armed officers from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) covert special forces division.

Held without bail at an undisclosed "brownfield site", Santelli faces several counts of reckless endangerment of wildlife habitat after he threatened to rally capitalists to dump "derivative securities" into Lake Michigan as a way of re-enacting the Boston Tea-Party protest of 1773.

"Mr. Santelli is certainly entitled to his wacky economic opinions," said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, "But if he had gone to the EPA website, clicked the regulations link, downloaded the document, printed it out and read it...he would have realized that dumping toxic assets into a lake is expressly forbidden. Read the document, Mr. Santelli. Read it."

Source: DC Examiner (read the whole thing over there before you comment here)


I am awaiting the "re-education camps" for conservatives to start springing up. Oh, wait! We already have them...they are called "public schools."  Nevermind.