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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NASA to name space toilet after Colbert?

Oh please! Or at least call the refuse in the toilet Colbert. As in, "Excuse me, I have to go take a 'Colbert'."

The saga of naming Node Three continues...

NASA may consider putting Stephen Colbert's name on a space toilet, after the comedian came out on top of the U.S. space agency's online naming poll for a new space module.

The eponymous host of "The Colbert Report" swept in as a dark-horse challenger after urging viewers to enter his name through a write-in option. When voting ended March 20, "Colbert" had amassed more than 230,000 votes to beat out second-place name "Serenity" by more than 40,000 votes.

"Come on, Serenity?" Colbert said on his March 10 show. "That's not a space module, that's a Glade plug-in."

The Node 3 module contains eight fridge-sized racks for many of the space station's life support systems, such as the new space toilet, as well as an observation deck that contains a work station for the International Space Station's 57-foot robotic arm. It is currently slated for launch later this year to the space station.

Colbert pressed NASA's human space flight chief, Bill Gerstenmaier, to name the space module after him during a show on March 10. But Gerstenmaier was noncommittal, saying only that the space agency would have to "think about that" as the votes came in.

"That's NASA's problem," Colbert said. "You guys think too much."

As it became clear that "Colbert" was likely to win the popular vote, NASA insiders told, agency personnel floated the idea of naming the station's new toilet "Colbert."

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