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Monday, March 30, 2009

Honoring Corporal Jonathan Ayers

In loving memory of CPL Jonathan Ayers from DI=Dream Imagination on Vimeo.

Yesterday I had the distinct honor and privilege of attending the
ceremony honoring the valor of Cpl Jonathan Ayers and the presentation of the
posthumous award of the Silver Star to his family.
I expected a somber event, but it was instead, by direction of Cpl Ayers mother,Susan, it was a celebration of his life. Cpl Ayers served with Chosen Company, 1st Bn, (Airborne) 503rd Infantry of the 173rd ABCT in Afghanistan.
That company compiled an impressive combat record there, but at a cost. Over 60 of the Chosen were awarded Purple Hearts, 16 of them posthumously. Cpl Jonathan Ayers was killed in action in the battle of Wanat, where 9 Sky Soldiers lost their lives.
According to those who witnessed Cpl Ayers heroics, he epitomized the
nickname by which the battalion is known: The Rock.

At another spot on the observation post, Spc. Jonathan Ayers laid
down continuous fire from an M-240 machine gun, despite drawing huge volumes of small-arms and RPG fire from the enemy.

At least 5 or 6 RPGs exploded all around him and he never even flinched. Those that saw what he did said, "He just kept rocking on that 240." The
survivors said it was the most heroic thing they'd ever seen. Like a
movie. They feel he saved their lives.He kept the enemy from getting
anywhere near COP.

Source: Blackfive

Our nation still produces heroes, and they are grown all around us.