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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mountain Xpress "Live Tweets" URTV Board Meeting

[Tonight’s] meeting of the URTV board will deal with a number of controversial issues, and Xpress is inviting attendees to assist our reporting on the events by joining in on the MXNow Twitter feed.

The URTV meeting may involve the dismissal of two board members who have been critical of the station’s management, as well as further discussion of the board’s compliance with state open-meetings law — a controversial issue over the past month.

Source: Mountain Xpress


I hope the meeting is over by 9pm because I have a conference call that is due to start then...

**6.45am** Mountain Xpress has a rundown of the meeting. I enjoyed reading their tweets about the meeting, and I think that it should be a model for covering other local meetings and events in near real time. 

I love the idea of multiple people reporting and commenting real time!