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Monday, May 17, 2010

In Celebration of You Tube's 5th Anniversary:
15 16 Videos You Must See!

You Tube is celebrating their 5th anniversary, and I'll celebrate with them by listing my five favorite You Tube videos. 


#5 Leeroy Jenkins

#4 Night Run II

#3 Charlie Bit My Finger

#2 Hahaha

#1 JK Wedding Entrance Dance

To date, I have uploaded 564 videos to You Tube since 2006 and am closing in on a quarter million views on my videos.  

You Tube is a wonderful website. I've wasted countless hours watching videos for entertainment. I've also watched some videos for educational purposes. I've used You Tube videos to find out what is going on in the world, especially during Operation Cast Lead, when Russia invaded Georgia, during severe weather outbreaks and natural disasters. 

The most under-utilized category on You Tube is citizen journalism. People have at their fingertips a very powerful tool to report the news in their community if they would only take advantage of it. I'm not talking propaganda pieces where political activists make videos that support their world view. I am talking about making videos that report the news or cover events in their community without political commentary of any sort. 

That is what I am trying to do with my coverage of events. I point the camera at what is happening and let events unfold and people speak for themselves, whether I agree with them or not.  My favorite example of this is my video of Ron Paul Supporters [See the video]. Anyone who knows me or has read this blog should know that I despise Ron Paul, and I despise his supporters even more. I put those feelings aside in order to document the event. 

Oh, and my pet peeve regarding You Tube videos. People who make videos of businesses for pay and multi-level marketing videos. These people are the scum of the You Tube world in my opinion.

Check out my primary You Tube Channel.

Here are the 5 most popular videos I have made and uploaded to You Tube:

#5 Fighters Chase UFO Over the M5: Debunked [3,993 views]

#4 Fred Thompson on Boumediene v. Bush [4,183 views]

#3 A Hillary Supporter Stands Up [4,549 views]

#2 Sayre Firecomms (part two of two) [5,553 views]

#1 Gunfight at Ghost Town in the Sky [143,599 views]

And here are my personal favorites that I have made:

#5 Carolina Sunset

#4 Gas Panic in Jackson County

#3 Thunderstorm K1 at WCU

#2 Asheville Progressives React to the Carolina Stompers

#1 Gray Squirrel Diner