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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Phony Palin Scandal Exposed

Kathy at Hang Right Politics has the scoop on the sordid mindset of the progressives, and their buddies in the Legacy Media:

The Truth Will Set You Free

The democrats are scrambling today to find just anything they can to taint Gov. Sarah Palin, the inspiring new addition to the McCain ticket. They can smell Obama in the toaster; the in the tank for Obama smear captains journalists in the media are questioning the firing of an Alaskan Dept. of Safety head over an allegation that he wouldn’t fire a state trooper, Palin’s ex-brother-in-law.

For the FACTS, go here.

Know the truth, and when you see this talking point on comment sections of other blogs or news articles, post the link. The real story needs to be common knowledge.

Frankly when I heard the media’s account I recognized that it was a DNC hit. Only a democrat would defend a state trooper for tazing an eleven year old boy - because the immorality aside - they need to present the story with all the tawdriness they can find because there is no scum on Palin.

I read over at Politico that they are also spreading the rumor than her 5mo. old son actually is her grandson and that her daughter had the baby. (And we know how frequently Down’s children occur in teenage pregnancies… sarc/off)

Other lines of attack include attacking her motherhood by saying a woman can’t have an important or challenging career and raise children. Democrats are saying this! Criticizing her for ‘abandoning’ a special needs child to his father. Hello? Where are the feminists the democrats are so famous for? This line of assault after the charges of sexism over the treatment of Hillary should just about elimate the women’s vote except for the diehard ABORTION-IS-THE-ONLY-ISSUE female Herods. Telling women with special needs children they should just stay home - yup, that’s a winner.

And of course the coup de grace in the Obama arsenal re Palin is the ‘experience’ card. Notice how all the comparisons are between the GOP VP vs. the DNC P. Scary. Our VP has more experience, and has the only executive experience on both tickets yet she somehow has a thin resume.

Here’s why democrats truly believe that she is inexperienced compared to Obama (the male/female double standard will be addressed momentarily). Democrats consider trying and FAILING as an accomplishment. All of the things Obama has TRIED to do are counted - his community organizer days produced no results other than the loss of $100,000,000 on a school system that remains in the bottom in achievement in the country, a Southside Chicago housing debacle, and a Senate career spent campaigning for President. In a ‘results’ don’t matter, we don’t need no stinking RESULTS mindset, Obama has credentials.

Source: Hang Right Politics (read the whole thing)


I have found some truly nasty things (full of sexual innuendo and vulgar, filthy language, making fun of her religious faith) being said about Sarah Palin on many of the progressive blogs and in the Ron Paul forums. I expect it from profane people like Pam Spaulding because it is merely the expression of their black hearts. Some of the stuff on Daily KKKos and DU are unprintable.

The Idiot Ron Paul Supporters, on the other hand, claim to be conservative. Most of them have no idea what conservatism is beyond what they have been told by misguided people posing as political thinkers...and I include Ron Paul in that category. These people have been supping at the well of hatred for too long, and it has clouded their judgment, and is turning their hearts black. I have witnessed it locally, and nationally.

Here is just one snippet of an exchange (misspellings and foul language preserved):

You guys are Pitiful?

Are you really Ron Paul supporters?

And you're thinking a woman, with 20 months of LOCAL EXPERIENCE in the least populated state in the country; who has had scandle after scandle is a good politician and person?

She spent 15 MILLION DOLLARS on a Ice Rink that NEVER GOT BUILT back when she was mayor. More importantly it should never have cost more than 2 million. NOT TO MENTION the turmoil caused in the town by that; taxes have increased their by about 20% because of it.

She's a big oil woman; shes in the pocket of big business; her husband works FOR BP. She REGULARLY forwards emails from her governor account to her HUSBAND?

How is any of this not a abuse of power?

She wrote a budget that was 2 BILLION DOLLARS bigger then the last one; and the biggest one in state history.

In the last month she:

1. Drove the local State Dairy Farm; which had just received 600 million dollars in State Funds into the ground; using all that money within 2 months; and making no money back.

2. Got into a scandle involving firing a cop who refused to fire a subordinate who her family member had a dirty divorce with and out of purely personal reasons. Such a grosse misuse of powers that the state saw it fit to investigate it; and this is a heavy republican state here.

3. Supported the bridge to nowhere; then once it got out and everyone knew against flip-flopped and didn't support it.

4. FLEW on a PLANE when she was in labour, 20 hours; from Texas to Alaska. Rumours have popped up that her pregnancy; which she announced when she was 7 MONTHS pregnant; was a coverup for her own daughters pregnancy.

5. Continues to support teach creationism in schools and abstinence only education at both the local and federal levels.

This women is not fit to be president. This women is not fit to be a Paul supporter. Anyone who goes over to Palin because of this is absolutely pitiful. And thats all I have to say.


You post is pitiful, but at least get your facts right:

1. The state-owned dairy did not spend 600 MILLION DOLLARS in two months. It was a $600,000 grant. BIG DIFFERENCE. And if you know anything, you know the dairy was already failing; Palin did not drive it into the ground.

2. The cop tasered his own young child; drove drunk in his patrol car, abused his powers by hunting illegally and covering it up, and he threatened to kill members of the governor's family. And you think that is the kind of cop we need patroling Alaska?

3. Which bridge to nowhere? Sarah never supported the Ketchikan bridge, which was "the bridge to nowhere."

4. Oooooh, unsubstantiated rumors! Do you have a birth certificate to prove that the governor did not give birth like she said she did? Where do you get this stuff?

5. Education is a local and state affair. States and localities can teach any damn thing they want. Get over it.

Source: Daily Paul

It is truly funny that all the above lefties (I include the Paul people) always accuse Republicans of the most foul things, when anyone with an Internet connection (and the stomach) to find them guilty of every last thing they accuse us of in quantity.