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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Banned at Little Green Footballs
What Took So Long?

The comment that got me banned, and the countdown to being banned...

I have the distinct pleasure and honor (pleasure, mostly) of having been banned from commenting at Little Green Footballs this morning for noting that LGF is becoming indistinguishable from Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground. Does Sharmuta even know what a fascist is? Or is that just a knee-jerk response to a dissenting opinion that is so often used by lefties and the followers of Ron Paul?

Why does Charles Johnson continue to play these silly little games that do nothing but expose himself as infantile? Here is my commentary from November 2008 when he excommunicated (or is that the issuance of a fatwa?) against Robert Spencer.

At least I can count myself in the August Company at this photoshop on the Tundra Tabloid, which I have taken the liberty (and hubris) to alter for my own enjoyment...(I am but a flea compared to these people):