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Saturday, February 14, 2009

On the Speed Limit and Consequences

I have seen a number of cars around here that do this, and I admit to doing it myself if someone behind me is tailgating NASCAR-style. I just slow my speed to match the car beside me for as long as I can. 

Of course, I have an F-350 Super Duty Diesel, so there isn't much on the road that can push me out of the way. 

If the Highway Patrol would enforce the speed limit, idiots would not think that they had the right to blow through at their preferred speed.  

I witnessed an accident after a pickup blew past me in Maggie Valley in 2007, and here is the photo of the aftermath:

And a photo of the car they hit, severely injuring the woman inside. Luckily, I was there, and able to render First Aid and open her airway:

So, if you are one of those drivers, think before you react angrily to others on the road, and slow down. It might just save you some fuel, grief, and keep those around you safe.