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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Watch CPAC 2009 Live,
Chat with Other Viewers

**update 7.02am** Andy has added two video channels to Conservative Thunder so you can watch Townhall's coverage and Hot Air/Ed Morrissey's coverage and chat as well, either locally or nationally.

Maybe next year, we can send a crew from Conservative Thunder to provide some North Carolina-flavored coverage as well!

Thanks to Townhall for providing this live feed for everyone!

I have included the chatroom below the player for your convenience, and so you can experience the joy of participating in events that comes with social networking opportunities, and will allow the grass roots of the Republican Party to ignore the Gate Keepers of the Legacy Media,our party elites and the old opinion guard of the conservative punditry class.


**10.46am** I might warn you that if you are not for Palin, don't bother participating in the chat. The moderators are not tolerating it while anything goes when criticism of other Republicans is concerned.

The current broadcast schedule has the webcast beginning at 10am and running until 9pm for today, but be aware they may start the feed early to "fine tune" things.

The schedule for today's events is here, as well as Friday and Saturday, if you wish to plan ahead. I will be embedding the player in a new post each day.

Pajamas TV is planning some events, billed as the "Conservatism 2.0 Conference" and you can see their schedule as well.

Ed Morrissey, of Hot Air will be there, and webcasting as well. He has a regular show that airs at 3pm, and you might want to check out his Ustream page as well, since he may be on the air as opportunity allows.

Some of the kids at Conservative Thunder have promised to offer multiple live pages of coverage of the event from both video and audio source, so give it a look as well.

I won't be available because of the recent passing of my grandmother, and am assisting in getting things together for the funeral on Saturday.