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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Help Some Appalachian State College Republicans Go To CPAC

Here is a worthy cause to help out some young Republicans go to CPAC...

It will be from Feb. 26-28. There are five people going, and with everything included it will cost a little over 200 dollars per person. The reason they are going is it is the National Conservative Political Action Committee Convention. They will be having three special seminars geared torwards college students to help learn how to run an effective club. The hotel is going be $218 for two nights and it cost $32 to park each day. The tickets to the convention are $25 a piece, so that will be $125. Gas will be around $100 and food for five people for 3 days will be around $300. Also, they are planning to take the metro while in D.C. and that is $8 for a day pass per person.

Do you have any contacts who might be will to contribute something, even just $5 or $10? If so, they could make a check out to the App State Student Republican Club and send it to:

A. Morgan
ASU Box 11374
Boone, NC 28608