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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lefties Still Fighting Against Cliffside

This is the front and back of some cards that "were" available in a public place I frequent.

If lefties had their way, we would be living a stone age lifestyle and there would likely be less than a billion people living.

This is what they are still fighting...

Emissions control technologies make up approximately 40 percent of the cost of the new Cliffside units. These technologies will be capable of removing approximately:

  • 99.9 percent of the fly ash emissions
  • 99 percent of the sulfur dioxide emissions
  • 96 percent of the sulfate emissions
  • 90 percent of the nitrogen oxide emissions
  • 90 percent of the mercury emissions.

The modernization of the Cliffside site will increase the plant output by 80% – from 760 megawatts to 1,360 megawatts, and also reduce the site’s overall emissions in most categories. This is made possible by the retirements of the much less efficient Cliffside units 1-4, the sulfur dioxide scrubber planned for Cliffside unit 5 and the state-of-the-art emissions controls used with the modern units.

Source: Cliffside Air Quality

Here is a problem with the assertions by the lefties in the above photos:

Shelby Star

So let them come forth with scientific proof instead of emotional scare-tactics.

Update: Asheville's very own Communist-Enviro-Whacko-Progressive Candidate for Asheville City Council (Cecil Bothwell)is blogging about the new "only Bev can save us" campaign. Give me a break!