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Monday, February 23, 2009

National Museum of Americans During Wartime

A new museum honoring citizens who served our country in times of war at home and abroad will be opening up on November 11, 2012, and you can help them. 

Thanks to the evil progressives at BlueNC, who can't stand the thought of Americans serving America during war time (and would prefer to protest against her), I became aware of this effort during my morning patrol through the Lefty Hate-o-sphere. 

For a nominal sum of $25, you can become a member of the museum, and receive a newsletter that will keep you updated on the activities of the museum. 

Here are the four major themes of the museum from the website:

he programs and exhibits of The National Museum of Americans in Wartime™ will focus on the following four themes:

To honor veterans who served in military, from all branches, and covering all wars and conflicts from World War I to present.
To emphasize personal stories of men and women in training, marshalling, combat, and homecoming experiences, weaving together both home front and war front stories to portray the unbreakable bond between those at home and those in uniform.
  • Battle front defined as: soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen

  • Home front defined as mothers, fathers, spouses, sons, daughters, factory workers, volunteers, and others
To create highly interactive and unique exhibits and experiences to educate the public. Visitors will be able to touch, climb aboard, and participate in many exhibits and activities. See Exhibit section of our Web site for more details.
To create a national museum that will cover wartime experiences from across America.

So, consider joining the museum and contribute to this worthy cause...and I'll be seeing you at the Grand Opening in 2012!