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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Joshua P Allem Pulls Back the Curtain on Current Events

Yesterday, Joshua P. Allem addressed some issues and made some observations that bear repeating. 

From his show description:

-- Michael Savage's take on Obama's Q&A and Spendulous package -- How did Ronald Reagan win 2 landslide elections without a single truth teller at his disposal? Jimmy Carter was in office and the only national media was ABC, NBC and CBS. There was no FOX News, no Rush Limbaugh, no internet. How did he do it? What did he know that we don't? Why is it that 20+ years after Rush Limbaugh and 10+ years after Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Michelle Malkin, FOX News, the internet and conservative bloggers, THAT SOCIALISM STILL CONTINUES TO TAKE OVER THIS COUNTRY? --

This show is especially for Christian Conservatives, and if you are a Christian, this show is for you. If you are not a Christian, or are a fake Christian, then don't listen because you will be offended.