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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrating the Two Year Anniverary of Political Pistachio Radio

I can't believe that Doug is celebrating two years on Blog Talk Radio!

Here is the show that aired last night:

From the show billing:

Tonight Political Pistachio Radio celebrates two years of broadcasting superior conservative internet radio - with clips of past guests like Dr. Blogstein, Wild Phil, Jenn of the Jungle, Loki, Paul Couturier, Paul Ibbetson, Governor James Gilmore, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs, Walid Shoebat, Gates of Vienna, William Russell, Joshua P. Allem, NBA Star Doug Christie, Author Gary W. Moore, Author J.A. Konrath, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Former Clinton Aide Kathleen Willey, Joseph Farah (founder of World Net Daily), Al Garza (National Director Minuteman Civil Defense Corps), Global Warming analyst John Berlau, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, Reverend Wayne Perryman, A call from Pakistan, Alan Keyes, Rick Davis (Father of KORN lead singer Jonathan Davis), Author David E. Meadows, Joel Richardson, Snooper, Andrea Shea King, Reverend O'Neal Dozier (Former NFL Bears Star), Willie Lawson, Will Bower (PUMA), S.E. Cupp, Brett Joshpe, Tim Chey (Hollywood Director), David Freddoso, Alan West, Major General Jerry Curry, Gunny Pop Nick Popaditch, Ryan Mauro, and what is coming up in the future!

I have been listening from probably the second or third show, and I remember that I had to go to the local library and listen from there because I was still on dialup.

Now, I am on DSL and can listen via the RSS Feed since the shows are on late at night for us on the East Coast.

Doug has an excellent blog in addition to his radio show, and I highly recommend them both. He is also on twitter and myspace.

Congratulations, Doug!!!

I enjoy your show very much, even if I don't get to visit in the chatroom as much as I would like. I have learned much from you, and look forward to learning so much more!!!