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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cell Phones Used by Terrorists in Mumbai Traced to United States

The suspect, named as Javaid Iqbal, sent the funds via Western Union to pay for five cell phones with Austrian country codes -- three of which were used by the attackers, ‘Corriere’ said, citing the Indian dossier.

Iqbal, a former resident of Barcelona, has been arrested in Pakistan and Italian authorities were attempting to understand how he arrived in Brescia and whether he had support from anyone there.

The cell phones were activated in the United States by a US company, ‘Corriere’ reported, and registered to another man, who identified himself as an Indian citizen.

India, in its intelligence dossier, highlighted the importance of cell phone communication between the plotters and terrorists carrying out the attacks.

It offered partial transcripts of the conversations detailing orders given by phone to kill hostages, and how the plotters relayed the media impact of the assault in real-time.

"Everything is being registered by the media. You must inflict the maximum damage. Fight to the end. Don't leave any survivors," read one of the excerpts, in a call to an attacker at the Trident-Oberoi hotel, reported by ‘Corriere’.

"Kill the hostages, except the Muslims. Take the telephone and activate it so we can hear the shots," a terrorist says, according to ‘Corriere’.

Source: Express India

I found the original article in the Italian Paper, Corriere Della Sera, and the page as translated by Google Translate.

I suppose most people would be surprised at how a lot of criminal and terrorist activities cross international borders in order to avoid detection by law enforcement and intelligence agencies that are hampered by lefty lawmakers from going after them.

In the same manner, many cell phones were purchased in the USA, and transported to Iraq to be used in remote detonating mechanisms on road side bombs that killed many people, including American soldiers.