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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ignite 09 at Mars Hill College!

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 Teresa Buckner
Media Relations Coordinator
Mars Hill College

A giant screen displays song lyrics while multi-colored lights whip around the auditorium. Musicians dance and jump as they perform on electric guitars, drums and tambourines, while across the auditorium, young people dance and sway with the music while singing along at the tops of their voices.

It may not be the church you grew up with, but it is church, and with a serious message.

Mars Hill College will be hosting the Ignite 09 event for the second year Feb. 27-28 at Moore Auditorium. And as churches from around the region band together to plan and promote the event, organizers say that Ignite is a new way to reach a new generation with an old and unchanging story.

“It’s a Jesus thing, it’s not a denomination thing,” said Dr. Gordon Benton, who is the Director of Church and Community Relations for Mars Hill College, and one of the primary coordinators for Ignite.

According to Benton, churches cooperating to plan and coordinate the Ignite event at Mars Hill College cover four counties in western North Carolina, and include Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian and nondenominational churches, he said. Mars Hill College is hosting the event free of charge.

Benton said: “Ignite is a very exciting event, because it provides an opportunity to reach an area of four counties with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel never changes, but the methods that people respond to do change, and Ignite reaches out to young people in the language and music of their times.”

Ignite is a Christian revival service that is designed specifically for young people.

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