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Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Talk Radio 02-16-2009:
Fausta's Blog--Chavez, like Cats, “now and forever”?

Today at 11AM Eastern, Fausta's Blog will have a show entitled Chavez, like Cats, “now and forever”? and she will discuss the (predictable) results of yesterday’s constitutional referendum. There is also a chatroom at the above link during the show.

If you cannot listen live, the show will be archived and available on the same player a few minutes after the end of the show. I also have a page for her show at Conservative Thunder, and the player embedded there is a multi-show player. If you have a website or blog, you too can embed it on your website by visiting her show page. Do her a favor, and click on one of the ads.

I also direct your attention to Fausta's Blog, an excellent resource to which I frequently refer.

**12.07pm** Another blogger who focuses on Latin America has also commented on the recent happenings in Venezuela:

Readers might be surprised at reading the following but I am surprisingly at peace tonight. See, the game is all over, the masks have all fallen.

Venezuela has voted for an unacceptable type of politics. As such it has proven that a large majority of its people does not believe in democracy true values. In fact, as Gustavo Coronel points out a little but too bluntly, the productive side of Venezuela has been consistently opposing the non productive part of Venezuela. This blog many electoral analysis have been chock full of examples on how the better educated, more productive areas of the country tend to vote against Chavez while the more backwards and dependent areas vote for Chavez.
There is no novelty on this. The novelty tonight is that as of now this is a permanent chasm, a profound division of the country that cannot be solved through democracy alone. Whoever is refusing to acknowledge this reality is only fooling himself or herself. Chavez is bent on destroying this half of the country that refuses to submit to his ego and as of now that half he so hates will have to fight back if it wants to survive. Or give up and join in which is intellectually and morally repulsive. Better leave for Miami.