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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hummingbirds on Chestnut Cove,
and a Republican Tea Party in Asheville

Today is my grandmother's funeral, so I won't be blogging today except for this notice). 

You can see live video from CPAC at Conservative Thunder, with the Townhall feed and the Hot Air feed by Ed Morrissey

In regional political news, a Republican Tea Party was held yesterday at Pritchard Park, and Tim Peck is first out the gate with video:

And the Carolina Stompers have an original video report from the scene.

Read more at Jane Q Republican, an Asheville conservative blogger (there will be even more in the next year or so!). Welcome to the scene, Jane Q.! And give the progressives and progressitarians in Asheville a hard time!!!

Here is a short little video montage I shot last August at my grandparents house of their Hummingbird feeder: