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Sunday, November 7, 2010

2010 InfoGraphic:
Burr vs Marshall by Precinct

Senator Richard Burr vs Elaine Marshall in the 11th Congressional district by Precinct 
InfoGraphic by bobby Coggins

US Senator Richard Burr handily won re-election to the Senate over challenger Elaine Marshall. Statewide, Burr took 54.92% to Marshall's 42.94%. Mike Beitler, the Libertarian, was barely a blip on the radar with 2.09%. 

In the 11th District, Senator Burr received over 60% in most counties, save liberal strongholds like Buncombe and Jackson Counties, where he still received 47.14% and 51.05% respectively. 


2010 InfoGraphic: Straight Party Voting by Precinct

2010 InfoGraphic: Shuler vs Miller by Precinct

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