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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

John Batchelor Show Audio Excerpt:
Dick Armey and the Tea Party

The host of my favorite radio show, The John Batchelor Show, interviews Kate Zernike, the author of Boiling Mad: Inside Tea Party America, about the Tea Party and the de facto leader of that movement, former Congressman Dick Armey of Freedom Works. The interview is a little over 8 minutes long and well worth your attention. 

One of the interesting things discussed in the interbiew is her description of Armey as a Libertarian and not so much of a Social Conservative. 
The audio:
Bookmark and Share I know that many Republicans have been taken in by this man, but I believe that he is poison to the movement, and he has raised up people like him who are equally poisonous to certain state and local chapters. Someday, I may tell the story of my experience with these people when I tried to start a local Tea Party. Since then, I have shunned all things Freedom Works.