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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jim Davis Wins Close Race For NC Senate #50 Seat

A Victorious Senator-Elect Jim Davis Shares News of his victory with Robert 'Senator Bob' Carpenter
Photo by Bobby Coggins

It was a nail-biter as the numbers see-sawed back and forth throughout the evening. Jim Davis managed to hold a slim lead of 199 votes for the victory. Here are the numbers as of midnight:

CountyJohn J. Snow, Jr.Jim DavisTotal
County ReportingCherokee518147399,920
County ReportingClay225826484,906
County ReportingGraham205015973,647
County ReportingHaywood99415252,519
County ReportingJackson6035509511,130
County ReportingMacon6007681112,818
County ReportingSwain247919734,452
County ReportingTransylvania5685650012,185
 And here is how the vote went on a precinct-by-precinct basis, with Red representing Davis, Blue for Snow and Yellow for a tie vote:

Map of the 50th NC Senate District detailing who won what precinct 
Graphics by Bobby Coggins

Watching the numbers in the NC Senate 50 race 
Photo by Bobby Coggins

People gather around a laptop in the Cajun Connection restaurant to watch the numbers come in on the Jim Davis race.

Jim and Judy Davis hug after his victory becomes apparent 
Photo by Bobby Coggins

Jim and Judy Davis hug when the last two precincts in Jackson County break for him and give him the win in his race for NC Senate against John Snow. 

If this victory stands, then the Macon County Republican Party Executive Committee will be deciding who will replace Jim Davis on the Macon County Board of Commissioners. Jim Davis is currently serving as the Vice Chairman of that body. The Macon GOP Executive Committee will be meeting on Thursday and will take up the appointment then.

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