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Monday, November 15, 2010

Erika Franzi, Tim Peck Resign From Asheville Tea Party and ATPAC


It is with great reluctance to announce that Founder, Erika Franzi, and Board member, Tim Peck have resigned from Asheville Tea Party and Asheville Tea PAC. It has been Erika's vision, leadership and unwavering belief in our mission that propelled the
Asheville Tea Party and the Asheville Tea PAC to its successes, presence and influence.

It is hard to measure the countless hours and tireless effort that Tim Peck has devoted to both organizations. There are few who are as philosophically astute and grounded in our founding documents as Tim. He was always a guidepost.

They both have left a legacy that will guide the Asheville Tea Party and the Asheville Tea PAC going forward.

That legacy of accomplishments includes:

That legacy of accomplishments includes:
  • building two organizations, the Asheville Tea Party and the  Asheville Tea PAC
  • redesigning the organization to a project oriented structure
  • rallying for our rights
  • e-mailing and phoning campaigns to our representatives
  • meeting with Congressman Heath Schuler and Senator Kay Hagan to voice our concerns over the Health Care Bill
  • unveiling journalistic conflicts of interest in the press
  • educating us about our Founding Documents by organizing forums and speeches
  • attending the National Tea Party Conference and giving presentations
  • implementing a successful pre-primary debate for the District 11 Congressional candidates
  • supporting Congressional candidate Dr. Dan Eichenbaum in the 2010 Primary to within single digits of victory
  • endorsing, campaigning, and successfully getting four of ATPACs endorsed candidates elected in November, 2010
  • educating the public and our subscribers to the Independence Caucus candidate assessment process in a forum with IC founder, Frank Anderson
  • influencing Asheville City Council to put on hold their annexation plans of Royal Pines for twelve months
  • revealing the excessive expenses the Airport Authority was spending to send people to an airport conference in Maui
  • sending bus loads to DC to gather with more than 1.2 million other patriots on the Mall
  • gathering patriots for the first successful "We Read The Constitution" Day
We will do our best to continue the fine work Erika and Tim have begun and to bring this country back to the place our Founders would be proud.  We wish them good health and success in their next endeavors. 

Hat Tip: @Tim Peck

Erika Franzi has been a passionate political activist since the Ron Paul run for President in 2008 and her entry into blogging in late 2008 with her Jane Q Republican ( blog (since changed to Jane Q Public). She was one of the founders of the Asheville Tea Party in and its political fund raising arm, ATPAC. She was a vocal supporter of Dr Dan Eichenbaum during the 11th Congressional District Republican party 2010 primary. Since then, she has been involved in a sometimes very public series of attacks on the chairman of the Buncombe County Republican party, Chad Nesbitt...who is himself no stranger to launching very public attacks on political opponents. My personal opinion on the matter is that some of these attacks were designed to hurt the winner of the Republican primary, Jeff Miller. She found a willing accomplice in the Mountain Xpress online community. She also has had a period of bad health recently. The Asheville Tea Party and ATPAC will be better off without her involvement.

I wish her luck in her new endeavors and good health in the future. 

Tim Peck is another matter. He has had a history of generating controversy that is far too long to go into detail  here. Suffice it to say that the Asheville Tea Party and ATPAC will be better off without him. I would, however, like to see him to continue commenting on public forums. He does have a knack for generating extreme rage in progressives. See this screenshot of the thread dedicated to mocking him by the progressives on the Mountain Xpress Forums.

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