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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Macon County Board of Commissioners Flips to Republican Majority

The Macon County Commissioners 
Photo by Bobby Coggins

Ron Haven thanks his supporters.

The political makeup of the Board of Macon County Commissioners will switch from 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans to 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats starting with the December 2010 Meeting and will be electing a new chairman from their number.

Only 180 votes separated the top two finishers, Ron Haven and Ronnie Beale, and a mere 178 votes kept the third place finisher, Charlie Leatherman, from winning a seat on the Macon County Commissioners. 

Bob Simpson lost his seat on the County commissioners and Vic Drummond came in last place in an independent run for a seat on the Board of County Commissioners. I believe he received many of the votes that would have likely gone to Charlie Leatherman had there not been another choice for conservatives. 

A Table of the results are below:

Candidate Percent of Votes Number of votes
Ron Haven (R) 24.66% 5,719
Ronnie Beale (D) incumbent 23.88% 5,539
Charlie Leatherman (R) 23.12% 5,362
Bob Simpson (D) incumbent 18.36% 4,259
Vic Drummond (I) 09.98% 2,316

Jim Davis, Vice Chairman of the Macon County Commissioners, won his race to unseat John Snow in the NC Senate Race for District 50 and he will be replaced by an appointee of the Executive Committee of the Macon County Republican Party, who is expected to take up the matter this Thursday night. 

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